How I Spent My $50 Gap Groupon

If you bought last week’s $50 Gap Groupon for $25, then you are in good company, as some 400,000 thrifty shoppers took advantage of Groupon’s first nation-wide Groupon sale. Yes, 400,000 people ponied up $25 to purchase $50 of Gap merchandise, and I was one of them. If you missed the excitement and STILL haven’t signed up for Groupon, get on the bandwagon my friends because these sales are going to continue to rock your thrifty world. With savings of 50% – 80%, you can get some great stuff at fantastic prices. From massages and manicures to retail and restaurants, Groupon has lots of options to offer.

With only one deal a day, “competitor” sites are popping up left and right to ride this wave. Groupon’s CEO told Power Lunch on CNBC that the demand is so big that for every Groupon offer, 7 others are turned down. That massive business turn down is churning out competitors as local price grabbers offer similar deals while Groupon continues to grow into a household name.

I took my Groupon to Gap this weekend and purchased everything pictured for $3.18. Sure, I spent $25 to get the deal, but even at $28.18 this back-to-school look was still a “steal.”

Here’s another little tidbit to make Groupon even more enticing, you don’t even have to print out the Groupon and remember to take it with you. All you have to do is load the Groupon app on your Android or iPhone and you have instant access to every Groupon you purchase. Take us for example, we didn’t even think to take our Groupon with us that day so we just pulled it up on our phone and ta-da savings!

Alright, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for Groupon now, you will get one email everyday letting you know about the daily deal. The emails are free, so you only have to pay if you want the deal. Otherwise, delete.

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