A fun toothbrush for kids – My Way!

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha! (Like a million years ago, I played Jan in Grease in my HS play, so I couldn’t resist the reference! But I digress…)

I don’t think anyone, except maybe dentists, really likes to brush their teeth. It’s just one of those things we do because we know the results are good and not doing it is yucky. But that’s hard for little kids to “get.”  To them threats of tooth decay are as far off as my days in high school. So in order to get some kids to brush, parent’s have to get creative and make brushing fun because all kids like fun.

Apparently the folks at Arm & Hammer have kids of their own because they have come up with a new way to make brushing fun. Decorate your own toothbrush! The Kid’s Spinbrush My Way comes like a blank canvas with four sheets of water-safe stickers for your kids to go crazy with. In addition to fun for the kids, mom can be happy too because this is a Spinbrush, an according to A&H’s website, “kids brush 35% longer when using a Spinbrush batter powered toothbrush vs an ordinary manual brush.”

The My Way brush appears to be aimed at little girls with its pink bristles and purple jeweled on/off switch. Sorry boys, I don’t see a boy version of the My Way. But A&H’s website does show Spiderman, Soccer and other “boy-themed” Spinbrushes.

The A&H Spinbrush My Way is recommended for little girls 3+ and comes with 2 replaceable AAA batteries. MSRP is $6.99 plus there is a coupon from A&H for $2 coupon off a MyWay Spinbrush. So while you are out school supply shopping for your kids, pick up a My Way toothbrush for your little princess and start her school year with a fun way to brush.

Disclosure – I was provided a Kid’s Spinbrush My Way to review for this post, however, all thoughts an opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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