6 Books of USPS Forever Stamps for $43 Shipped

Stamps are one of those items that you can never seem to get cheaper than face value, so when I came across this deal, I thought it was definitely worth sharing.

Through Alice.com, you can get 6 books (each book is 20 stamps) of USPS Forever Stamps for $42.80 shipped, which is a $10 savings.  Instead of paying $0.44 each, it works out to $0.35 each.

To take advantage of this deal, head over to Alice.com and create an account. Make sure you use the link in this post and you should see the $10 sign-up bonus when creating your account.

Once your account is created, search for “stamps” and then add 6 books of the stamps to your cart.  When you view your cart, there should be a $10 discount for your first order, and free shipping as well. Total price should be $42.80.

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