TV Shows I like are going Bye-Bye…

I’ll be the first to admit that I probably watch too much TV. But it is how I relax, and my husband enjoys watching TV with me… so it’s not all bad. Every spring, the lists of shows the networks are cutting for the fall is released, and every year I am sad to see something go. Once again… For my TV-lovin readers, here’s the list of shows that have gotten the ax. (Oh, and just in case you are curious, I underlined all the ones I liked, there were others I watched, but I am only underlining those I was a regular viewer.)

ABC: ‘FlashForward,’  ‘Better Off Ted,’ ‘Romantically Challenged,’ ‘The Deep End,’ ‘Happy Town,’ ‘Scrubs,’  ‘The Forgotten’

NBC: ‘Heroes,’ ‘Law & Order,’ ‘Mercy,’ ‘Trauma’

CBS: Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Number3, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose, New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried

FOX: ‘24,’ ‘Brothers,’  ‘Dollhouse,’  ‘Past Life,’ ‘Sons of Tucson,’ ”Til Death,’  ‘The Wanda Sykes Show’

Bye-bye Ghost Whisperer, you are the one I am saddest to see go.

5 thoughts on “TV Shows I like are going Bye-Bye…”

  1. My hubby and I were shocked yesterday when we saw FlashForward was not coming back. I feel kind of bad, because I got my parents into that show. It’ll be interesting to see how much resolution we get. I’ll miss Mercy, too.


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