10 Tips for Being Fashionable on a Budget

My mom always told me that if you have a few key pieces of clothing from the latest brands/trends and you work those into your wardrobe, everyone will assume all of your wardrobe is from top brands. I have lived by this rule my whole life owning a few pieces here and there that were a little splurge and filling in the basics with sales and discount items, and I have always been complimented on my attire.

Here are my top 10 tips for being fashionable on a budget (more ideas here):

  1. Hello Sales Rack – I always shop from the back of the store (sales) to the front. This helps me fill up on the sales stuff first.
  2. Plan Ahead – Adults don’t change size too often, which means you can buy basics when they go on clearance at the end of the season. Then next winter you will be ready with a new coat or a new bathing suit for summer.
  3. Outlets – Going to the outlets is like a full store of sales clothes! Hint – you can get your few trendy pieces from my mom’s tip here to save even more!
  4. Ebates – When you shop online, go to your favorite store by clicking though Ebates first. By taking this extra step, Ebates members receive a percent back on your purchase automatically – sometimes just 1-2% sometimes 10% or more. If you aren’t an Ebates member yet, sign up now and get started saving on your online purchases.
  5. Fill in your Basics at Target – Thanks Mom.
  6. Coupons – Some stores put out lots of coupons, some only a few. Know the frequency of coupons for your fav store and shop accordingly.
  7. Buy gift Cards on eBay – Did you know people sell gift cards on eBay? Did you know they sell them for less than face value? Search for gift cards to your favorite store on eBay and save 10% or more on the gift card’s value.
  8. Keep Your Receipts in a Safe Place – Mandy stores will offer a price adjustment if the price drops with in 7-14 days, but you will need your receipt to take advantage of this. Know your store’s policy and don’t loose those receipts.
  9. Resell Fashions – Everyone has fashions sitting in their closet collecting dust. If the clothes are still in wearable condition (be honest), but you don’t wear them take them to a consignment shop and resell them. I just collected $75 from consigning some of my old threads, now I get to go shopping for something new.
  10. Check TheSuburbanMom – While fashion isn’t my focus, if there is an amazing deal out there, I am sure to post it. So always check TheSuburbanMom for deals.

Disclaimer – I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Gap Outlet blogging program to be eligible to win a $20 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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