My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 2

I have achieved step 1 in raising my little tomato plant – I re-potted it in a bigger pot. (And I didn’t kill it!) We went to Target last Saturday, and while we were there, I decided to get a pot and tomato cage, which I am told I will need. When I went to put the cage in the cart, my dear husband said, “Why don’t you wait to buy that until you know you need it.” Gee thanks, love the subtle uncertainty of my ability to keep this thing alive.

In the end, I went with his idea and left the cage. So far, the total investment $1.99 for a pot. (We already had potting soil leftover from a tree project the husband is working on…)

I wonder if I should sign up to attend Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Eco-Friendly Gardening workshop in June? It features Martha Stewart Living (♥) – June 3, 7-8:30.

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