My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 1

While I have a green heart – I try to live a green lifestyle – I don’t think of myself has having a green thumb. But I love the idea of growing my own veggies. So, when Amy offered me one of her tomato plant seedlings, I was happy to give it a shot. I guess I am going to be looking for some garden tools coupons – I totally used to stick these right in the recycle bin!

While we watched the girls play, we discussed what will go into growing the tomato plant. First, I need to replant my seedling into a larger pot. Next, I need to get a tomato cage and twine so I am ready to stake the plant as it grows. (To take the pressure off the tomatoes, of course.) In approx thee months I will need to fertilize my little plant, but not too much because we will be eating the fruit. Oh and if the little blossoms fall off, it needs calcium – so toss in some crushed egg shells. Wheeew… this little plant is going to be a lot of work.

So, this summer I will be attempting to grow my own tomato plant. Since my friends and neighbors have seedlings too, so I have other plants to mark my journey. I really hope this tomato plant journey ends with us eating delicious tomatoes…

Sunday I will have to comb through the circulars for some gardening deals…maybe Target coupons or Home Depot’s ad. If you garden, where you do find your gardening supply deals?


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