GM Loaned Me a Chevy Traverse!

How cool is this… After GM hosted the play date for our mom’s group, GM offered to loan me a Chevy Traverse for a week (9 days to be exact). I was thrilled. Since I was a big fan of the two-row Chevy Equinox at the play date, I couldn’t wait to check out the three-row Chevy Traverse. (After all, while I am not ready to switch up cars right now, when I am ready I know I will need a bigger car than I have now.)

So, GM dropped off a Traverse and the keys and it was mine… at least for the next 9 days. When K woke up from her nap, we headed out the to driveway to make the car seat switch. She had a good time climbing around in the car while I checked out all its bells and whistles.

I have really enjoyed driving my Traverse around town, and showing it off to friends. The only bummer is that K got sick on Tues, so I didn’t leave the house Web, Thurs or Fri… LONG DAYS! But my hubby drove the Traverse to the office one day, while I was homebound and he was a big fan too.

The Traverse drives great, it is definitely bigger then my current Acura RDX, so it felt different, bigger, more like a truck then a car like my RDX. But it was surprisingly comfortable and not so big that it was too much for me – I am a big baby and don’t like driving really big cars. (I never felt comfortable driving my husband’s old Land Rover or my mother’s Navigator). So, I was quite happy to discover that this is a big SUV that I feel comfortable driving around town. I was also surprised at its excellent turning radius, I feared it would be a pain to park, but it was a breeze.

There are tons of things to like about the Traverse, but here are some of my highlights:

  • Power-Remote Liftgate – LOVE THIS!
  • Backup Cam in the Rear View Mirror
  • Sliding Middle Row – More Room for Middle or More for 3rd Row
  • Easy Access to 3rd Row
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Storage Everywhere – Seriously Awesome Storage
  • Overall Sleek Look and Design

I only had one major complaint about the Traverse, and it is a minor design flaw with the cover for the tether latches. Check out my video. Oh, and before you watch it, K is fine. The little topple didn’t faze her.

Today’s the last day with my Traverse, and I have had a great ride. Thanks GM for loaning me the Traverse allowing me to get a real feel for the SUV.

Disclosure – GM loaned me a Traverse to check out, but all thoughts and opinions are totally my own. No other compensation was received.

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