10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You

Balancing life with a toddler, working from home, keeping the house in order and more means there is often a shortage of time for myself. But I know that doing things for me is important to keep my sanity and allow me to do all of the things my family needs. Here are 10 little things I do to make a happier, healthier me.

  1. Dance & Sing – when stress is wearing me thin, it helps to let loose and get a little crazy
  2. Read to your kids – there is nothing more peaceful then a kid crawling into your lap to hear a story
  3. Indulge – I have a weakness for chocolate
  4. Go outside – something about the sunshine and fresh air always brings me back to even keel
  5. Watch TV – I love TV and movies, for me it is a chance to escape and just be
  6. Eat something fresh – when life makes me feel heavy, the last thing I want is a heavy meal –something light and fresh always makes me feel lighter and fresher
  7. Hot shower – water is a magical cure
  8. Light a candle – the peaceful flickering light seems to center me
  9. Hang with friends – it is hard to find time to do, but I always feel refreshed after being with my girls
  10. Hug it out – a hug always makes things better

I think I need to hang this list up to remind myself of these things when the life makes me crazy. (Find more ideas here.)

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