1st Haircut at Disney

From the moment a friend told me about this opportunity, I knew this is how K would experience her first haircut.

Tucked into a corner on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom is a Barber shop. It is a small shop, and even with the large barber pole out front most visitors don’t even notice that it exists. But those who do notice the small shop, are happy to wait in line for this precious attraction. Patrons young and old wait in line to have Disney barbers cut their hair, but it is the parents of the littlest ones who hold this shop so dear to their hearts.

It was my daughter’s second birthday, and we made this trip to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate this special day with her first haircut. I was surprised to find myself a bit teary-eyed over a few snips of hair, but as we stood waiting in line with other parents I became increasingly excited. I also became increasingly nervous about how my shy toddler would handle the situation, but it was her turn the experience barber showed her Disney Magic. She started by covering my daughter in stickers, then sprinkling her with glitter confetti and entertaining her with a spinning Minnie toy. K was so busy with the distractions, she didn’t even flinch as the barber made quick snips.

I was only ready for a little trim, but the inch-long lock of her hair is enough for me to save, and I will always remember this special trim at Disney. In addition to the memories and photos, we received a first haircut certificate and a pair of Mickey ears embroidered with “first haircut.”

It was a wonderful celebration for her birthday and of her first haircut.

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