She will be Tinkerbell for Halloween

Yes, there are 55 days until Halloween, but I have been debating what K should be since I saw the first costumes at Babies R Us before the 4th of July! You see, I have fond memories of my mom making every Halloween costume I wore as a child, and I vowed this year I would start that tradition for K. Yep, I am going to make her costume!

Today, I spent 3 hours at JoAnn’s. At the end of the 3 hours I had finally made a decision and had all of my supplies. After much debate, K will be Tinkerbell for Halloween. When I showed all of my supplies to my husband, who was very glad he didn’t join me for a 3-hour tour of JoAnn’s, he gave me the same response he gave me when I announced I was going to make our curtains, “Have you ever made anything like that before?” 


Sure, I started to learn to sew when I was 9, and I sewed full costumes back then, but my training ended at about 12. I have a grasp of the basics, nothing more. But I LOVE to DIY, so I am determined to make a Tinkerbell costume to be proud of!

Here are my supplies… Fingers crossed, updates to come as I create my masterpiece…

Tinkerbell Supplies
Tinkerbell Supplies

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