Pottery Barn Kids Stands Behind Its Products

My personal love fest for Pottery Barn Kids continues.

A few weeks ago, I learned about a recall announcement for window shades sold at PBK. It turned out that the shade I purchased for K’s bathroom was, in fact, part of this recall. I purchased the shade on final clearance knowing that I couldn’t return it if it didn’t work out. I don’t usually do this, as I am prone to returns, but I was sure it was perfect. Well, it wasn’t. I was a bit too narrow for the window, and it would have looked goofy. So, back into the box it went. I planned to resell it on eBay, but it just sat in the guest room.

When the recall was announced I was more than happy to return my unused, and now deemed, unsafe window shade to PBK. So, I called about my recalled item, set it outside in the box for UPS to pick up and I waited. Yesterday, a gift card appeared in the mail for $46.00 – the cost of the shade, plus tax, plus shipping (for my trouble). I got back every penny! Even better than just a return. LOL!

Thanks PBK for standing behind your products. More than getting my money back, I am happy to have been informed of its potential danger and getting it out of my home.

Now, what to buy with my $46.00?

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