More Than Just Disney

People who aren’t from here think of Orlando as Disney, and they can’t imagine a “normal” life here. But Orlando is my hometown, and while we love to go to Disney, there is much more to O-town!

As a first-time mom of a 16-month-old, I am learning about all of the fun and inexpensive things to do with a toddler here in town. Since it is summer, our current favorite is the Splash Park! With a giant pavilion and plenty of picnic tables to go around, Trailblazer Park in Lake Mary is a perfect place to take a picnic lunch and cool off by splashing in the water. Even before my daughter could walk, she loved to sit and watch the other kids running through the splash pad.

Just to switch things up, this week we are going to check out the new Splash Park in Sanford. Friends tell me this splash pad dwarfs the Lake Mary pad, so I am looking forward to experiencing this new summer fun spot.

But O-town isn’t all about fun in the sun either. Being involved in a local MOMS Club has introduced us to a world of story times, hands-on museums, puppet shows and many more activities to keep little ones busy.

We may be from the land of super theme parks, but like moms all over sometimes our favorite thing to do is hang out in the driveway with the neighbors and watch the kids play.

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