Minnie Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Decorations, Cake, Ears & More

I have had so many requests for this post, it is embarrassing how long it has taken me to post it. My daughter’s second birthday party was Minnie Mouse, and I searched everywhere for ears for the guests to wear. When I wasn’t able to find anything that was both cute and affordable, I decided to make my own. I posted my Minnie/Mickey Mouse Ears Tutorial, and the response has been tremendous. I am so proud of all the moms who have been inspired to make ears for their little Minnie or Mickey Mouse birthdays and Halloween costumes! But the moms want to know what else I did… So more than a year after posting my Minnie Mouse Ears tutorial, here are more pictures from the party and decorations I made. Enjoy!

My party theme was Minnie Mouse, specifically Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie Mouse, with pink and white polka dots, but all of my decorations could easily be made with the classic red and white or Mickey Mouse.

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The first step to a great party is the perfect invitation. Guests knew Minnie Mouse would rule the day the moment they opened the invitation. I searched high and low for the pink and white paper. I even put out a plea on Facebook, and a friend in Tennessee found the paper at Hobby Lobby and bought me every sheet in stock.

The mouse head shape and bow were created with the Disney Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge. If you don’t have a Cricut, they could be hand cut, but man does the Cricut make it quick work. I downloaded the Walt Disney font (for free) online – just Google it. You can’t tell from the picture, but I also used dimensional tape when I assembled the invites so they are 3D.

Minnie Mouse Invitation

What’s a birthday without a birthday cake (or cupcakes). Baking is the one “project” I can’t take credit for. If I made it, no one would have eaten it. But luckily I have an amazing baker friend who took my invitation, and turned it into a cake. Not only was the cake ADORABLE, it was to-die-for yummy carrot cake (a family favorite).

Minnie Mouse Cake

The cupcakes were made by another friend because my daughter loves cupcakes, and I wasn’t sure the kids would love carrot cake as much as my family does. Plus, I had this great idea to decorate the cupcakes, so we had two deserts. (Cupcake toppers were also made with my Cricut, a bit of hot glue and lollipop sticks – found in the food section of craft stores. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can also use a Mickey Mouse punch and just add pink ribbon for the bows – I have this medium punch and large punch too.)

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Toppers

Minnie Mouse Cake and Cupcakes

More about the food… I found these Mickey Mouse head chicken nuggets by Kirkland at Costco. They are all white meat and made with whole grains, and for frozen nuggets, pretty tasty. The kids loved them! I also bought Organic, Winnie the Pooh Disney animal crackers - not Minnie, but as close as I could find. You can also make cookies from Mouse Body Parts Cookie Cutters or these Wilton Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters. If you can’t find the nuggets, a PB&J sandwich will look even cuter cut out of this Mickey Mouse Sandwich Cutter.  

Mickey Minnie Mouse Chicken Nuggets

I used store-bought Minnie Mouse paper plates and napkins, but to try to be more green I purchased the reusable Minnie Mouse cups for the kids. (The cups were also part of the take home goodies. Tons were left behind, so we actually have a full set for the kids to use here.) There are tons of Minnie Mouse party supplies available – plates, cups, napkins, decorations and even goodies.

Minnie Mouse Cups

The tables were decorated with confetti created with a small Mickey Mouse punch, the cupcake toppers with playdough stands and pictures of K at Disney.

Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

For K’s first birthday, I purchased 1-9 cookie cutters. I don’t bake, but I do love to use them as a stencil for crafts. I cut out “2″s and hung them from the trees out front, the chandlers and door knobs and even taped some to the bathroom mirrors. (Notice the banner in the background? I made that for K’s first birthday. For her first birthday it had cupcakes separating the words, and each year I just swap out the characters for the new theme. It hangs the length of two sliding glass doors – like +20 feet – so I don’t have any great pictures of it.)

Minnie Mouse Decorations

And, of course, no party is complete without goodie bags! The bags turned out so cute, if I do say so myself. Again, they were made with my Cricut machine, and then I just printed the kids names out on white paper, cut out the name circles and glued them to the heads. Then (and here is where my cleverness paid off) I used rubber cement to attach the heads to the bags. Using rubber cement allowed the moms to carefully and cleaning peel the Minnie/Mickey heads off the bags. I told the moms (via a note in the bags) that the names were made to be hung on the kids’ doors, and more than a year and half later several of the kids STILL have their Minnie/Mickey names hanging on their doors (including K, of course). The kids loved it, and the moms did too!

Inside the goodie bags were small Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Minnie/Daisy) coloring books that I picked up at Walgreens around Valentine’s day 2 for $1; Minnie Mouse bowls from the Disney Store, picked up on clearance for $1.50 each (the boys got CARS); and Minnie/Mickey and friends stickers.

Minnie Mickey Mouse Goodie Bags

Goodie Bag Note

Of course, the highlight of the party were the Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears. Read my tutorial to make your own.

Minnie Mickey Mouse Ears


  1. Soo cute I made them for a costume it took around 15 min but it was worth it

  2. Jennifer Piedra says:

    Hi Jen, thank you so much for this tutorial on the Minnie Mouse ears and for the pattern. The first time I found you was December 2012 when I made 18 Mickey or Minnie ears for a friend. She and her husband surprised their entire family on Christmas morning by telling them they were taking them to Disneyworld. The pair of ears for every family member were a clue to the surprise.

    This week I have made another 18 Minnie/ Minnie headbands for my nieces birthday tomorrow. ..she is turning three. I am so glad your tutorial was still here. Thanks a bunch for sharing and all your decorating tips too.


    • The 3 tiered one was my moms — from like the 70s. It was pea green when she gave it to me, but a good coat of black spray paint and it is my favorite! The 2 tier platter is from Crate and Barrel. It was a wedding gift 10 years ago. Sorry, I know that isn’t much help.


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