Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 8, August 25 – 31

My Kindergartener celebrated her 10th day of school on Friday – wow! Already she seems older and wiser to me somehow, coming home with stories about what she has done and learned. But most of all, she has made the transition wonderfully  and she is happy. This will likely be my last week of school […]

Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 7, August 18 – 24

School is in session, and my Kindergartener loved her first week. (Whew!) I can’t believe the first week is already over. Although we are done shopping for supplies, I sill did a round up for all of ya’ll who go back to school later. Plus, I might get out this week to pick up a […]

Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 6, August 11 – 17

School. Starts. Tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow morning my baby will board the school bus and be off on a brand new adventure, all by herself. She’s excited, I am a wreck. Somebody hold me.  We turned in most of our school supplies at meet the teacher this week, except for tissues. I thought I had those on hand, […]

Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 5, August 4 – 10

The countdown is on, school stars around here one week from tomorrow. Yep, August 12. So that means this week I will be finalizing most of my “must-have” items. But I am pretty close to being done. Don’t worry though, I’ll keep doing the round ups until the deals are done. (I’ll stock up for […]

Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 4, July 28 – August 3

Hello from 30,000 feet!! Sorry this week’s list is late getting to you, I am writing it onboard a flight back from Chicago where I have been since Wednesday attending BlogHer — a huge annual blogging conference. I don’t have my totals from last week handy, so I will have to round those up later. […]

Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 3

The excitement in my house is beginning to grow as the countdown to Kindergarten has begun. (Look for a cute kids countdown craft later this week.) School supply deals are well under way with clothing retailers starting their deals as well. Time to start thinking about that first day of school outfit! Happy shopping this week! The […]

Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 2

Last week I did so well with my back to school shopping that I am actually in the negative for out-of-pocket expenses — a great way to start the season! This week the deals have started at Target, Walmat, Walgreens and CVS too. Let’s get shopping! The hottest deals are in red! Happy shopping.   […]

Project Back To School 2013 – Round Up Week 1

It’s here!!!! The back to school deals officially start today, and with it the countdown until my big girl starts Kindergarten (on August 12). I absolutly LOVE to shop for school supplies, and this will be my third year rounding up the best deals for the back to school season. If you are looking to […]

Project Back to School – Round Up Week 1

Back-to-school season has officially begun at supply stores! I love shopping for glue, pencils, crayons and all of the goodies so I am ready to get out there and shop for the hottest deals of the season. To help you fill those backpacks, the third annual Project Back To School begins today! Each week from […]

Project Back To School Round Up Week 7 (8/21)

This week’s Project Back to School Round Up includes some HOT Deals! My big project may technically be over, but these deals are too hot not to buy. Remember, when you finish with what your kids need there are always places (year round) that need supplies for kids. (Locally, I am a big fan of […]

Project Back To School Round Up Week 6 (8/14)

Project Back to School is officially over in our house, I turned in all of the supplies I collected thus far this week. However, I know people are still shopping so I still rounded up the deals. (I think I might head out and grab some of the hottest deals anyway, there’s a need for supplies somewhere!) […]

Project Back to School ~ $10 Challenge

At dinner with friends the other night, I was given $10 to purchase supplies for our back-to-school drive. Of course, the challenge was to make the most of the $10 in one day. I happily excepted the challenge, and here are the results. 8 Composition Books 6 Packs of Filler Paper 7 Rulers 9 Tubes of Glue 5 Packs of […]

Project Back to School – Round Up Week 5 (8/7)

Project Back to School has been very successful over the last month, but my shopping is nearly done as it is now time to turn in all of my supplies for donation so they can be distributed to the kids in time for the first day of school later this month. (Don’t worry, for those of you […]

Project Back to School – Round Up Week 4 (7/31)

Project Back to School continues! Here is a round up of the best Back to Schools deals for the week of July 31 – August 6.  The hottest deals are in red. Happy shopping! VERY IMPORTANT NOTE – As of July 28, Office Max changed its policy on using Max Perks. Previously, you could buy […]

Project Back to School Bonus Office Max Coupons

If you haven’t made your back-to-school shopping trip for the week, you’ll be happy to know Office Max released some HOT three-day coupons. The coupons are good from July 28 – 30 (so you have to go before Saturday for these deals). $5 off $25 Ink and Supplies (Plus get a $10 Office Max gift […]