6 Steps To Retirement To Take Today

6 Steps To Retirement To Take Today

Here’s a little something you probably didn’t know about me. BK (before kids) I worked for a financial company. Specifically, I was the senior editor of a national financial magazine. I was surrounded by experts who taught people everyday how to be smart with their money and prepare for the future. One job perk was that I was surrounded by great information, and I learned a lot about handling my own finances.

5 Ways Women Can Build Good Credit

My husband and I took advantage of the recent drop in interest rates to refinance our home. (It is amazing how much money you can save by lowering your interest rate by a point!) We signed piles and piles of paper work at closing, but there is only one document than stands out in my mind — the page that contained my husband and my credit scores.

3 Things You Need To Think About Regarding Long-Term Care

While my days are primarily spent surrounded by little ones, my mom and my mother in law spend many of their days surrounded by the elderly. My 90-year-old grandmother and my husband’s 88-year-old grandmother both live locally and find themselves in need of constant care.

3 Steps To Help You Prepare For “What If?”

Last year my husband and I faced a troubling burden — my husband was laid off. Sure, the signs were on the wall, but it still came as an unexpected blow one afternoon when my husband arrived home from work in the middle of the day. Things already felt tight prior to financial …

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