Consignment Baby Toys

When Kids Out Grow Their Clothes, Consign Them!

If I could I would keep my kids toddlers. It is my favorite age. If I did that certainly they would wear out their clothing. But alas, my girls won’t stop growing, and they grow out of my favorite little outfits long before they wear them out. (And long before …

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Project 365 Declutter Day 1

Confessions Of A Pack Rat: Project 365 Declutter

Hi, I am a pack rat. I have previously confessed a few of my pack rat tendencies here and here, but really my attachment to stuff goes far greater than just my closet. It has taken over my house. While I love my stuff, I mean LOVE my stuff. I …

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Confessions Of A Pack Rat: The Ugly Shirt

Hi. My name is Jen, and I am a pack rat. I fully admit my pack rat status. I want to change, but it’s not easy. (Admitting I have a problem is the first step, right?) My current hurdle — the ugly shirt. It was a Monday, which in my house is …

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Confessions Of A Pack Rat

I just can’t part with things that have a memory attached to them. It kills me, and my overflowing house is proof. But I have found something more important than my treasures, my daughters (and their stuff). So in attempt to make room for everything else in the house, and …

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