3 Steps To Cut Down On Party Trash

Trash day in my neighborhood makes me sad. Driving down the street, I see house after house with giant piles of senseless trash. Those homes that have obvious recyclables sitting by the curb make me especially unhappy. Not to mention those with toys and home goods that are still 100% usable (don’t worry, when …

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10 Things You Need To Know About Energy Efficient CFL Bulbs

Last month, we embarked on a mission to swap every light bulb in the house for more energy-efficient CFL bulbs. We were thrilled to reduce our energy usage, both to make our home more green and lower our energy bill. It’s something we slowly started a few years ago, but a whole house …

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Bye-Bye Incandescents, Hello CFLs

One of the easiest things a family can do to lessen their carbon footprint is to swap regular (incandescent) bulbs for compact florescent (CFL) bulbs. It is as simple as, well, changing a light bulb. And while a few blonde jokes come to mind, it is something anyone can do. Because of …

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10 Easy Ways To Green Your Routine Today

Although Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to shine a light on things we can do to protect the world we live in, the effort to live a more sustainable life with less waste should be ongoing. This month, I shared tips for recycling and organic eating, and limiting chemicals in the home. …

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Green Living ~ Limiting Chemicals In The Home

Ready for one more EASY homemade cleaner, how about cleaning your garbage disposal with a lemon?

Garbage Disposal Cleaner: 1 sliced lemon (peel and all) plus a handful of ice cubes and grind away.

Not only is it easy, but it smells yummy too. Hint: before you grind everything up, rub the lemon around your sink for a quick clean.