Popsicle Stick Popsicles Craft And Matching Game

Welcome to the lazy days of summer! After the craziness of the end of the school year, the slower pace of summer is always a welcome treat. Sleeping in, playing with friends, building forts, swimming in the pool and lots of popsicles — it’s summertime! To celebrate summer, we made a Popsicle Stick Popsicles craft that doubles as a coloring matching game for toddlers.

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Popsicle Stick Popsicles Color Matching Game

Popsicle Stick Popsicles Craft And Matching Game

We love crafting with popsicle sticks because I always have a bag of them on hand. And it’s an easy project that kids of all ages can assist with. Yes, that means we even let the two-year-old help. Just be sure to lay down craft paper or newspaper to protect your surface and let your kids go to town.

Toddler Painting

Simple summer craft projects are perfect for rainy days when my kids can’t go out and play. My kids love when I give them an idea to start with and then let them keep going with their own idea when the first project is complete.


Popsicle Stick Craft Supplies

For the Popsicle Stick Popsicles, you will need eight popsicle sticks for each color you plan to do. Six popsicle sticks will be painted and two plain. We made seven colors so we needed 56 sticks.

Painting Popsicle Sticks

Once the paint is dry, run a line of glue down the side of a popsicle stick and stick them together in sets of three. Lay the sticks on parchment paper so they don’t stick to your work surface.

When the glue has dried, glue on a popsicle stick handle. Allow to fully dry overnight.

Popsicle Matching Game

P was so excited with her new game that she helped make. She kept talking about how she helped paint the popsicles. We’ve been working on colors, so when I showed her what to do with the popsicles she giggled with excitement. She sat for a long time sorting, matching and saying her color names. She even started to stack and count them.

Toddler Color Matching Game

Color matching is a great toddler skill to work on, and making your own game is just plain fun.

DIY Color Matching Game

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Happy summer crafting.


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