A Father’s Day Tribute To Dad Changing Diapers

Not it! Paper, rock, scissors. Your turn! For all of the jokes and jabs, you’ve never shied away from a dirty diaper. From our first to our third, you’ve changed diapers, run to the store for diapers and emptied the diaper pail like a champ. Stinky or soggy, you’ve never been phased by your role as dad changing diapers. Even if you do like to make jokes. 

Lots, and lots of jokes.

Dad with Toddler

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Happy Father’s Day Dad

By my calculations, we have had a baby in diapers for roughly six and a half years. That’s nearly half has long as we have been married. We’ve each changed our share of the thousands of diapers without hesitation. And for that I am grateful. 

We’ve heard countless stories of dads who cringe at the idea of a diaper change, but that’s never been you. You accepted your role the day our oldest was born, and I remember watching you change that very first diaper while lying in the hospital bed. Overwhelmed how much had changed in a few (long) hours, the moment I saw you change that first meconium poop filled diaper, I knew we were going to be ok.

Dad Changing Diapers

Even through that cringing face, I saw your love for our tiny baby. And I knew you would change any diaper that came.

I am thankful for our three beautiful girls, and most of all I am thankful to have you standing beside me for every milestone and every diaper. 

I love to hear P’s giggles from across the house when it’s Dad’s turn to change her diaper. 

I love that 10 years of dressing daughters hasn’t made fashion any easier for you, but you still try. (Thank goodness for gold moccasins and a white bow that go with nearly everything.)

I love that I recently discovered the pack of wipes and clean diapers you stashed in your glovebox, just in case.

Dad Playing with Toddler

I love that you are always willing to stop by Target to pick up a pack of diapers on your way home, and that you just what diapers to get without me asking.

I love to hear Baby Bumble Bee and The Going to Bed Book over the monitor at as you change P’s diaper and lay her down for the night, just as you did with her older sisters.

I love that you make us all feel safe and happy whether it’s changing diapers, playing a board game or teaching us how to use new technology. 

We are lucky to have you and every diaper change. Happy Father’s Day!

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