Dansko Boots Make Comfort And Style Is Possible

When it comes to shoes, there is a fine line between choosing shoes for aesthetics and comfort. Let’s face it; a lot of cutest shoes are not the most comfortable. I know, I have them in my closet too. But what if you could have super cute boots that received glowing compliments and were really, really comfortable? I found the unicorn when I discovered Dansko boots.

Dansko Womens Boots

Dansko Boots

My Dansko boots arrived for this review the day before I left for LA to attend the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press junket. (Thanks Dansko!) The trip required comfortable shoes because I would be on my feet all day for three full days. The moment I slipped my feet into the boots, I knew these were the shoes I was taking to LA. I actually packed different outfits to accommodate my new boots.

Bringing my new Dansko boots was the best packing decision I made. The boots were just as comfortable after a full day as they were when I first slipped them on. (Don’t get me wrong, my feet were still tired after eight hours at a press junket and six hours of Disney in one day – who’s wouldn’t be?! But the shoes were still comfy.)

Womens Bootie
I admit that I have a long-standing snobbish view when I hear the two words that almost made me turn down this review “orthotic shoes.” In my mind I picture the kind of sensible shoes my grandmother used to wear. Great for her feet she told me, but blah! No way. Dansko boots on the other hand… send me all the boots!

No, seriously. Now I want the tall black Dansko boots. Really Santa, I do!

I am not the only one who thought my boots were cute, throughout my trip several friends stopped to comment on my boots. And every time the conversation went something like this:

“Cute boots! I love the tassels.”

“Thanks! I have to tell you a secret — they are orthotic! Let me tell you all about them.”

Dansko Boots
And every single time my friends were shocked to learn how comfy my cute boots were – even with all the walking we did. Ya’ll I am not talking tolerable; I am talking really comfy.

You know how most boosts are hollow without a ton of support? These shoes cradle your foot with cushion and support. Even the cute “wood” heel is deceptive because it isn’t wood; it is a squishy rubbery material.




Happy girl.

Tassel Boots
When coordinating my shoe selection it was recommended to me to order a half size down. Dansko shoes use European sizes and run slightly large. I did, and I am glad I did.

Because the upper portion of the shoe is made of leather I have found that the shoes stretched a bit after wearing them for several days. My foot slides around in the shoe a little, but it never rubbed a blister so it doesn’t bother me. Just a note about fit.

For those who are already Dansko fans, Dansko was recently nominated for Footwear Plus Magazine’s “2015 Plus Awards” in design or retail excellence and the brand would love your support. You can help share the Dansko love by voting for Dansko to win

If you are looking for cute winter boots that will also make your feet happy, Dansko boots are the way to go.

Dansko Fashion Boots

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