Goji Play Helps You Work Out While Playing Video Games

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If you have ever wanted to play a video game for “just five more minutes” so you could beat the next level, then its time to get off the couch and use your desire to level up to help you get fit. Goji Play takes gaming to a new level by using the motion of working out to power video games. With Goji Play harder you work out, the better you score. 

Goji Play 2.0 Review
I am trying to be more active, but I am just not one of those people who likes to work out. I get bored and keep thinking about all of the things I could be doing that really need to get done — work, kids, house, etc. Everything seems more important, and more enjoyable, than working out. 

What makes Goji Play different is that it takes something I want to do but I never, ever make time for and allows me to work out using that to power my game. It’s pretty smart, and it’s fun. 

Exercise Bike Goji Play
(Check out that concentration!) 

Goji Play 2.0

Goji Play comes with two controllers and an app that works on IOS or Andoid. Within the app, Goji Play 2.0, there are currently five games to choose from, with more games coming soon. 

  • Smash the Blocks
  • Kreature Krunch
  • Super Moto X
  • Speedbump
  • Fisticuffs

My favorite is Smash the Blocks. I really like puzzle games so I think Kreature Krunch looks like fun too, but I haven’t quite figured out how to play it yet. My husband also likes Smash the Blocks and Super Moto X.

Goji Play App
Even while testing the games (and having my husband take a zillion photos) I found myself winded. I wasn’t paying attention to the time, but suddenly 20 minutes had passed and I had been pedaling almost the whole time. That’s Goji Play’s claim – it helps turn 30-minute workout into what feels like 5 minutes of non-stop fun. And hey, even I can work out for what feels like five minutes! 

Goji Play can be used along with any cardio machine. When using with my exercise bike, I strap the controls right to the handles (the straps wrap around the bike handles and are held secure with magnets). Because the controls are easy to take off and put on, Goji Play can be used on exercise equipment at home or in the gym. 

Goji Play Controller
If you were to use with a treadmill, Goji Play comes with handheld sticks you can wrap the controls to. The one thing I am still missing is a mount for my iPad. It sits on the bike screen pretty well, but really I need to mount it so it doesn’t slip off.

While I am using Goji Play to motivate my butt into shape, it is also a great way to get kids (ages 6 and older) up and moving too! How many times have you asked your kid to get up and go play outside, but all they want to do is sit and play video games? Now they can play games, while getting up and moving. You can even make it a family activity, competing for a high score. 

Goji Plais now available online, and would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves to play games and/or wants to pass time while working on cardio. Save $10 and get free shipping with the coupon code JenB10. 


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  1. This is something I could use during the winter months! I love running but running in the cold is brutal for me. And running on the treadmill is boring. I love puzzle games too and can see myself jogging for hours while playing. 🙂

  2. this would be amazing. my fiancé would love it too. i do long cross training sessions and they would make them so much more fun!

  3. I am very delinquent when it comes to exercise. Goji Play sounds like a great way to get more exercise in without it feeling like a chore.


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