Family Dinner Night Is Saucesome

One of my favorite times of the day is dinner. Even when the day is total chaos with everyone going in different directions, dinner brings us together. It starts with my little helpers in the kitchen and ends with a meal filled with stories, laughter and lots of silliness. It is my happy time.

Kids Cooking
Last week we went on a cruise, and it was fantastic. I admit that it was nice to take a little break from cooking dinner. But on our first night back on dry land, all I wanted was a home-cooked meal surrounded by my favorite people. No fancy appetizers, no four-course meals — just good old-fashion comfort food. My family’s pick? Baked zitti with Ragú® Old World Style® Traditional Sauce.

I love that dinner in our house is always filled with laughter. My two goofballs love to entertain and with a captive audience, dinner becomes their stage. In between stories about the day, K cranks up the silly and Sissy delivers one-line zingers that crack everyone up. From time to time even Dad shows his silly side, teaching our girls new tricks — that may or may not qualify as the best dinnertime manners. But it sure is funny. Like his newest lesson, noodle face. 

Silly Family
Swapping stories, catching up and making memories — that is the magic of dinner.

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