Exclusive Interview With Fergie About Family, The AMAs And More

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S yeah. From the moment I heard that we would be interviewing Fergie as part of our ABC TV media day that song was permanently stuck in my head. Could there possibly be a more glamorous interview than FERGIE?!

No, there couldn’t. And the lovely and talented mom / mega star didn’t disappoint. She looked like perfection, she chatted easily with us about life as a mom and she even sang to us! It sounds clichĂ©, but she was totally Fergalicious.

Fergie strolled into the room full of energy, looking fantastic in a skinny grey dress and killer heels, ready to tell us all about her next big performance on the AMA Awards Sunday, November 23 at 8pm EST on ABC.

In a room full of moms, it was no wonder that conversation quickly and easily turned toward life with her son, Axle, and the biggest mom challenge of all — how to balance work and life. I think we were all secretly hoping to get some tips, after all if this eight-time-grammy-awarding-winning artist can do it we can too, right?

So how does Fergie balance it all?

That is a constant challenge for me, but that is why I didn’t have the baby and put music out right away. I really wanted to make sure I had my structure as far as being a mom – and just starting with simplicity. I was very blessed to have the time to just be at home and be with my baby and really learn how being a mom all works – because I really didn’t know what I was doing. 

Are you ready for her secret weapon?


When Fergie was ready to get back into work mode, she didn’t dive in all at once. She added things back slowly, and she put on the iCal. Her secret to success is scheduling time for everything — including downtime with Axle and one-on-one time with her husband. And when iCal says it is mommy time, everything else waits. 

You can have it all, just not all at once. 

While chatting candidly about her son, Fergie shared that she and her husband often make up lullabies for Axel. She even broke out into song sharing one of her very personal lullabies.(I am predicting a lullaby album some day.) She also treated us to a few bars of “La La La La” from her new song LA Love. Ahh-mazing!

Fergie The Suburban Mom
What was most striking to me about meeting Fergie (besides the fact that she truly is gorgeous in real life) was how genuine and comfortable she was. When posing for group pictures, she put her arms around those closest to her as if they were BFF. And then, in a truly classy move, she insisted on taking a moment to shake each and every hand — to look us in the eye and thank us for our time. All 25 of us.

Fergie is amazing, and she easily could have done the quick hi and goodbye, but those extra few seconds — that proved just how awesome of a person she is. (I kind of love her even more now.)

At the AMA Awards, Fergie will perform her new song LA Love, which she refers to as a love letter from her to the rest of the world. I’ll be tuning in to watch Fergie, how about you.

After the AMA Awards, Fergie recently announced that she will return for the ninth year to host the Billboard Hollywood Party during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2015 where she will treat the audience to a special performance. 

You can tune into the New Year’s Eve celebration Wednesday, December 31 beginning at 8 pm EST on ABC Television Network.

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