Daily Trivia And Family Conversation Starters From KidQ App

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Kids are like sponges, and they love to ask “why.” The new (free) KidQ App from Scholastic Parent & Child turns questions into answers with fun facts that kids enjoy learning about. 

These days K is curious about how everything works (and why), and it is so much fun to watch her learn. As much as I love teaching her, I am even more amazed when she busts out with something she has learned that I had no idea she knew. Like today when she told me all about Johnny Appleseed.

With the KidQ App parents and kids don’t just learn trivia, they can also start a conversation. From questions mom and dad know the answer to questions that even stumped us, the KidQ App is a fun way to jump-start the conversation about all kinds of subjects. 

KidQ App Scholastic Parent Child
After signing up for KidQ you will receive a daily question of the day. Questions like: 

“Why do humming birds hum?”

“How does the brain talk to the body?

“What are the days of the week named for?”

If you want to keep the conversation going longer, you can also explore the questions in the app. I downloaded the free KidQ app before taking a weekend trip, and on the way home I used the app to entertain the family. I’d read a question, everyone would take a guess, then I would read the answer (adding any additional wisdom I had on the subject) and finally I would read the fun facts included with each answer. 

After each question K asked for another. I think we got through a dozen questions or so before arriving home. 

The questions ranged in difficulty, and a few were too advanced for her — more details than a 6 year old was interested in. But other questions were perfect like, “How to you think lobsters hear?” The answer had her in stitches. 

KidQ App Scholastic
My kids are really into the KidQ app. It has become part of our daily routine to check the newest question of the day. The girls can’t wait to see what the question is, and I can’t wait to talk about something that we would never have thought to talk about. It’s fun for everyone!

Whether you use the app daily or occasionally, it’s a fun, simple app for the whole family. And best of all, it’s free! Download KidQ by Scholastic on iTunes or Google Plus and get the conversation started at your house. 

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