Soft Packs Of AngelSoft Tissues Are Ready For Anything + Twitter Party Details

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Mom pet peeve: runny noses. I know, I know — they are a just part of being around kids. But seeing runny noses that aren’t being taken care of drives me bonkers. Boogers, gross me out. Ick.

That’s why in my house there are facial tissues in every room, and we go through lots of tissues. It isn’t just runny noses, although with allergies in this house we certainly use a lot for noses, tissues are used for wiping messy faces, spills on the bathroom counter and so much more. (Another pet peeve, visiting someone who doesn’t have tissues available in every room — how do you blow your nose?!)

But the place tissues get the most use is the car. I always have a crushed box of tissues floating around in my car, so I was excited when I saw the new soft packs by AngelSoft. Instead of broken and crushed boxes, I can stow a soft pack in the arm rest without worry that the box will fall apart. Perfect for life on the go!

AngelSoft Facial Tissue Soft Packs
Last week, I participated in the #ReadyForAnything #ReadyForAnything Twitter Party to see how other moms are ready for anything with AngelSoft tissues. And it seems like I am not alone in using tissues everywhere for everything — what mess will moms clean up next? 

From every day runny noses to kid messes, soft packs of AngelSoft make it easy to always have tissues on hand – anywhere. And because the packs are plastic they are waterproof, which means you never have to worry about soggy tissues if a leaky water bottle drops. (Been there, dealt with that problem before!)

So next time you need to stock up on tissues, check out the soft packs from AngelSoft so you can stow tissues anywhere and never have an unattended to runny nose again!

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