20+ Beautiful Ice Cream Cakes

For a girl with a sweet tooth, I have never been a big fan of cake. That is unless you are talking about my weakness… ice cream cake. Then it’s all over. Oh my, I love me some ice cream cake!

Beautiful Ice Cream Cakes
I’ve never made an ice cream cake, but after a friend bragged about how easy it was to make her delicious creation I went searching for some inspiration for an ice cream cake for me to make this summer to celebrate… Well, to celebrate making an ice cream cake, of course! 

I rounded up my collection of  beautiful ice cream cakes inspiration using Foodie.com. There are so many amazing ice cream cake recipes out there, I just don’t know what to try first! 

I am sharing my favorite Ice Cream Cake recipes. I hope you like ice cream cake as much as do — Enjoy!

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