6 Must-Have Fashions For Moms

Moms are queens among the chaos. We bring home paychecks, we run households and we still find the time to nurture our families and relationships. Being the busy go-getters we are, we sometimes find that fashion and style take a backseat to practicality and functionality. But who says we can’t have both? Indeed, just because we’re not all Hollywood moms, there’s no reason we can’t look like them! Keep reading to discover must-have pieces, that will take your wardrobe from “blah” to “bam!” 

Stylish Activewear 

Gone are the days of unfashionable active wear. Thankfully, we live in a time when workout gear can pull double duty as basic wardrobe staples. In fact, the right active apparel can take you straight from the gym to a PTA meeting or dinner out with pals! For this bit of creative genius, you can thank innovators like Chip & Shannon Wilson, founders of Lululemon. Lululemon duds are so stylish, it’s almost hard to believe they’re designed for fitness. So, to ensure comfort without sacrificing style, consider sleek, form-fitting leggings or yoga pants, billowy tops and lots of fun accessories. 

Ballet Flats

While stilettos undoubtedly boost confidence, they’re not always conducive to a mom’s busy lifestyle. However, the absence of six-inch peep-toe heels doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy, confident and chic. Enter ballet flats. This staples are a great way to punch up your wardrobe, while also feeling comfortable and in control. What’s more, flats are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials, so you’re sure to find at least a few pairs that suit your tastes.  

Dark Denim

Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans? For the most flattering look, find your favorite cut in a dark wash. Dark denim looks crisp and clean, and will also help camouflage a number of flaws. If you’re unsure as to which cut best suits your body type, remember that a flared leg will help balance out larger hips, while a straight leg is great for women with long legs and narrow frames. Also,for curve-hugging comfort, look for denim with at least 2% spandex. 

6 Must-Have Fashion For Moms
A Little Black Dress

An LBD is a must-have for all women, but can be especially great for moms on the go. With a great, basic black dress, you always know you have something for those dressier occasions. What’s more, depending on your plans, an LBD can be dressed up or down. For a luncheon or school meeting, wear it with a blazer, ballet flats and a colorful scarf; for date night, pair your LBD with eye-catching statement jewelry, sexy black tights, and heels.

A Basic Trench Coat

We all have those days when we’re running late. We’ve all spent harried mornings rushing to get the kids to school, or rushed evenings making last-minute trips to the grocery store or the post office. And, during those frazzled moments, we may not have the time to look our absolute best. That’s when a classic trench can come to the rescue. Trench coats are eternally chic and stylish, and can transform your look in as little time as it takes to slip it on and tie the belt. For a classic look, stick to basic shades like taupe, black or navy; for a bolder spin on this timeless piece, consider a trench in fire engine red, canary yellow, emerald green or even bright purple. 

A Great Bag

Moms are known for carrying everything but, and sometimes including, the kitchen sink. Well, with the right bag, we can schlep in style. Choose one that’s a bit on the large side, with long straps for easy toting; lining and easy-to-clean fibers are a plus. As far as color goes, stick to dark neutrals like black, brown, navy or hunter green. 

And there you have it — wardrobe staples for moms on the go. With the tips listed here, you’ll look and feel like the supermom you are! 

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