Free UPS Shipping Label for Goodwill Donation of Clothing & Household Goods

If you have some stuff sitting around your house waiting to be donated, here’s a quick and free way to make donating them even easier. Head over to the Give Back Box site and you can print a FREE UPS shipping label to mail in your clothing and household good donations to Goodwill.

The purpose of Give Back Box® is to provide an innovative and effortless method of goods donation and thus maximize worldwide donation of household items on a scale never previously thought possible. This in turn will reduce waste and by recycling such items will benefit many millions of people in need.

With its motto of “No Box Left Behind” the company’s mission is to perpetuate a paradigm shift in the shopping arena, particularly online, to generate charitable donation on a massive scale.

Learn more about the Give Back Box.


1 thought on “Free UPS Shipping Label for Goodwill Donation of Clothing & Household Goods”

  1. Oh wow. This is very cool. What a convenient way to donate. I have a bunch of suits I no longer wear that I was planning on donating. Wouldn’t this be great if we could do it with more charities? I bet people would donate even more. They say that the US is the most charitable country (in what we give per capita). I’d say we’d easily double-that number if we could do this… akin to like what happened once curbside recycling became prevalent.


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