Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Ideas

Rainbow Looms have taken over the suburbs (probably the city too). The kids love them, and the parents do too. Instead of playing video games and using high-tech toys, playtime has gone old school with little girls and boys lined up with their looms weaving bracelets, necklaces, rings and much more out of tiny rubber bands. (Bands that remind me of having braces, but that’s another story.) 

With the growing obsession it is no surprise that the first birthday party of what we affectionately call “birthday season” had a Rainbow Loom theme. My friend did an adorable job turning the obsession into a fun party that included 20+ children looming together. Yes, really.

By the way, the same friend created this beautiful rainbow-themed party last year. Not wanting to repeat anything, the parties were very different. But ideas from both would be perfect for a Rainbow Loom birthday party.

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Ideas 

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Invitation

The Rainbow Loom party invitations where purchased on Etsy

Rainbow Loom Birthday

Playing on the Rainbow Loom theme, mom used rainbow chevrons for the party details as seen on the two-tier homemade cake.

Rainbow Loom Birthday Cake

I also loved the rainbow Jello cups. Fair warning, use short cups. The tall cups are pretty, but that’s a lot of layers. (Each layer takes approx two hours to solidify.)

Rainbow Jello Cups

My favorite decorations were the simple paper chains draped here and there. Such a clever take on the Rainbow Loom. You can also just see the rainbow chevron party plates and napkins in the bottom of this picture.

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Decorations

When partygoers arrived, they were invited to fill mini storage boxes with bands and beads. It was a loomers dream. The set up was really cute. Unfortunately, we were a bit late to the party so by the time I helped my daughter rush through filling her box, so she could head to set two (decorating the box), and I returned for a picture — the table had been demolished. Oh well.

Rainbow Loom Table

But how cute are the storage boxes the kids decorated with paint pens, glitter paint and stickers that served as both a craft and goodie bag?!

Rainbow Loom Storage Boxes

The hostess asked everyone who owns a loom to bring their loom to the party. And for a while there was a sea of children looming in tandem on the living room floor. It was a great success with experienced loomers teaching the beginners new tricks. Everyone went home with new bracelets and their boxes full of new bands and beads.

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  1. What a great idea! FTR, my son is 11 and all his friends (boys and girls) are into it. I got my son a loom for Christmas and he will spend hours making bracelets for his friends. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of decorating storage containers. Even if they already have one, I am sure they could use more for all the different colors – Pinning to my Party ideas board

  3. How bright and colorful. My daughter asked me this past weekend if she could do a Rainbow Loom party. This is sparking my imagination!


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