Good Morning America Deals and Steals for January 16, 2014

Good Morning America is back with another installment of their ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals for Thursday, January 16, 2014. Today’s deals feature ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals: Super Saver Edition.

Julep: Freedom Polymer Top Coat & Essential Cuticle Oil Set


Original: $36
‘GMA’ Exclusive Deal: $15 + FREE SHIPPING
58% savings
Valid: 1/16/14
(Promo code: GMA2014)

Prolong your manicure with the Freedom Polymer Top Coat, which features a quick-dry formula and gives nails a gel-like shine. This can be used every other day to help keep polish from peeling. Also included is the Essential Cuticle Oil, which can be used frequently to keep cuticles looking moisturized, strengthens nails and keeps your manicure looking fresh. Free shipping!

Danielle Stevens Jewelry: Social Media Necklaces


Original: $125 to $135
‘GMA’ Exclusive Deal: $32 to $42
69%-75% savings
Valid: 1/16/14
(Promo code: GMA)

Be your own publicist by promoting causes you care about. Danielle Stevens Jewelry takes your digital identity and turns it into a trendy accessory. The Social Media Necklaces can be personalized with your Twitter or Instagram name — or, you can select a hashtag that has meaning to you. The nameplate hangs on a 16” chain and is available in either sterling silver or gold vermeil. Shipping is $6.

Quirky: Porkfolio


Original: $70
‘GMA’ Exclusive Deal: $35 + FREE SHIPPING
50% savings
Valid: 1/16/14
(Promo code: GMA)

A fun, new spin on the traditional piggy bank helps teach kids how to save and set financial goals. The Porkfolio is a “smart” piggy bank that wirelessly connects to a free app on your mobile device. The nose will light up when coins are inserted and the app will alert you if anyone tries to move your Porkfolio. The Porkfolio works with iPhone 4 and above as well as Android phone. Holds up to $100 in quarters. Free shipping!

MY ECO: 4-in-1 Bag Set


Original: $25
‘GMA’ Exclusive Deal: $12.50
50% savings
Valid: 1/16/14
(No promo code needed when using this direct link)

Encourage environmentally friendly behavior the next time you go food shopping with this reusable 4-in-1 bag set. MY ECO created this set out of recycled yogurt containers and they all fold up into a zip-up pouch. The set holds the equivalent of 30 disposable bags. You’ll receive one small bag for glass bottles and jars, one medium insulated bag to pack chilled/frozen foods, one large bag with anti-bacterial liner for fruits and veggies and one extra large bag for all other groceries and oversized items. Limit 5 sets per person. Shipping is $4.95.

Ninja Kitchen: Ninja Frying System


Original: $80
‘GMA’ Exclusive Deal: $40 + FREE SHIPPING
50% savings
Valid: 1/16/14
(No promo code needed when using this direct link)

With the Super Bowl approaching, save money by frying your own wings with this quick-cooking device. As seen in major retailers, the Ninja Frying System uses Fusion Heat Technology, which maintains oil temperature and in result, cooks foods 40% faster than other fryers. You’ll also use up to 30% less fat because of its quick cooking. Free shipping!

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