Duck Tape Wreath Turorial

I have a mini obsession with wreaths. They are just so cheerful, and a ton of fun to make. Wreaths are a simple decoration that make a big statement. (And they are not just for Christmas!) Because of my love for wreaths, when I was asked to create a Duck the Halls project using Duck Tape, I knew exactly what I wanted to make — a duck tape wreath.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Duck Brand.

Duck Tape Wreath Tutorial

Starting with a foam wreath form, this craft is as simple as wrapping the foam with Duck Tape, creating a simple bow and admiring your work. You can complete this last-minute craft idea in about 15 minutes.


  • Foam Wreath Form 
  • Duck Tape
  • Scissors

Duck Tape Wreath Craft

I wanted to make a small wreath for my daughter’s door, so I picked the smallest foam wreath available (7 3/4 inches). This size turned out perfect for my need. You could just as easily make a larger wreath, but don’t go smaller. The roll of Duck Tape just fit through the opening to wrap the wreath. (I got lucky.)

Grab your materials and start wrapping…

How To Make Duck Tape Wreath

Wrapping a circle is a little tricky. As you wrap pull the side that will remain exposed close to the frame, the other side can remain up a little bit because it will be covered by the next layer.

Snowman Duck Tape

Just keep wrapping, just keep wrapping…

Duck Tape Wreath Snowman

When I was done wrapping my wreath, I decided it needed one more thing – a bow!!! 

Duck Tape Christmas Wreath

To create the bow, pull a piece of Duck Tape as long as your arm span and carefully double it over so the sticky sides touch. Then create a pile of loops, going back and forth so that you have two on each side. (I ended up adjusting my loops so that the top loops were shorter than the bottom loops.)

Duck Tape Bow Craft

Then use another piece of duck tape across the middle to wrap the faux bow onto the wreath. Tip – I made sure to line up a snowman in the middle of the piece I used to attach the bow. 

Duck Tape Bow Tutorial

Duck Tape Wreath Craft Tutorial

13 thoughts on “Duck Tape Wreath Turorial”

  1. I did not know that they made holiday tape. I knew about solid colored tapes. I will have to remember this when I wrap other gifts also. I love being creative! Thanks for the ideas.

  2. I always thought of Duct Tape when I heard people say Duck Tape. Now I see that it is an actual product; I still think that some people misuse Duct Tape tho lol At least this tape is prettier than just plain silver 😉 This is a great use and easy craft to do, thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Wow this is a nice cheap easy way to make a Holiday wreath . I am a duck tape lady as they call me LOL. I really like all the new designs they have . thanks for the tutorial for it.

  4. I was a little apprehensive about this when I saw the title of the post…but I love it! I get so jealous of all you crafty people. I would never think to do this. Plus, if I tried to do it I would probably end up a blubbering mess on the floor surrounded by torn up pretty duck tape

  5. I never really thought about using decorative duck tape to make a wreath before. A craft I will have to attempt next year. Turned out great.


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