Last Minute Elf On The Shelf Gift Or Stocking Stuffer

TSM-PPWhile other elves cause trouble, our Elf likes to bring our girls a few treats throughout the Christmas season. Not a lot of treats, but a couple of little things here and there that are fun. And this week Kringle brought Hide ‘Em and Hatch ‘Em Eggs Christmas Ornaments

Last Easter, my girls discovered Hide ‘Em and Hatch ‘Em Eggs in the Easter Basket. (That bunny must have the same connections as Kringle!) 

After the Easter success, my daughter squealed with delight when she spotted Kringle (our elf) hanging out in the Christmas tree surrounded by six shaped ornaments. And she knew, without hesitation what those eggs were, “Mommy, Kringle brought those hatching eggs, but they are ornaments!” 

Can you spot them in the picture (two of each — red, green and white with gold specs)?

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Tree

That smart Kringle, he even saved the directions…

After dangling from the tree, place the eggs in water and in a few days the egg shells hatch to reveal cute surprise – a snowman, a penguin and a polar bear. 

Hide Em Hatch Em Eggs Christmas

Great Gift For – This cute surprise is perfect for kids of all ages. Even though the box says ages 3+, I gave a set to my toddler. (Clearly, it is a choking hazard so her interaction was limited to putting it in the cup and looking at it each day with mommy, then it went back to a high shelf. But she loved it!) 

Where to Buy – Hide ‘Em And Hatch ‘Em Eggs Ornaments are available on Amazon. (And ship free in two days with Prime.) They would also be adorable hanging on the tree Christmas morning. 

Hide ‘Em and Hatch ‘Em Eggs Ornaments are just one of the gift ideas you will find in The Suburban Mom’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Visit the Gift Guide to find ideas for everyone on your list. Check back frequently as new gift ideas and giveaways are added.

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