No More Fighting Over The TV With The Bright House TV App

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Do you ever find yourself battling the kiddos for the TV? If you’re a Bright House cable customer, I have great news for you – the Bright House TV app. The free BHTV app allows you to turn your computer, iPad, iPhone and most Android phones within Wi-Fi range into a TV anywhere in your house. Make Any Room a TV Room! (Currently, the app only allows you to watch live TV while on your home wireless network, but hopefully you’ll be able to use it outside of the house one day.)

The app allows to you watch more than 250 of your Bright House channels already including Disney, Disney Jr, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Cartoon Network, with more channels being added each month. (Oh and my husband’s favorite, ESPN.) Parents will also be happy to know the app has parental controls so you can restrict what channels your kids are able to watch.

My husband has been using the app for a few months now, and he gets a lot of use out of the app especially at the end of the day when our girls wind down with one of their favorite shows before bed. He can sit with the girls as they watch their show, while still keeping an eye on the game on his iPad. It’s the perfect “win win” for both of them.


One of the other great features of the BHTV app is the remote DVR scheduling. You can use the app to schedule recordings to your Bright House DVR app even while out of the house, which is great for those moments when you realize you forgot to record the show your daughter has been reminding you to record everyday for the past week. (Guilty!)

For more information, check out the BHTV’s FAQ, then download the app so you can enjoy TV anywhere — even if the kids are hogging the TV.

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16 thoughts on “No More Fighting Over The TV With The Bright House TV App”

  1. This is pretty neat. I like how you can actually record your favorite shows! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for the information, and Happy New Year!

  2. This is one amazing app! All families would love it so the kids could watch tv on what ever device you can run with it in your home.

  3. Most TV providers either have or are working on apps and devices that allow you to watch live TV, recorded shows, VOD or PPV shows on all kinds of other devices like tablets, smartphones, computers, etc. I have an app on my Samsung tablet that lets me watch TV from my DirecTV system. Thanks for the info. 20 years ago, we would have been completely astounded by what’s available today.

  4. This sounds like a handy app. The only problem I could see would be my two kids canceling each others show that they had programed. 🙂 I could see us using it all the time when we were out and forgot to set the DVR.

  5. If we had cable, this would be perfect! We used to, and this would have been brilliant! We haven’t had tv in a while (just netflix). If we start up again we’ll have to test out this app!


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