Marvel’s New Animated Movie Iron Man And Hulk: Heroes United

tsm disWhat happens when Iron Man and Hulk team up? Marvel fans are about to find out in the first full-length, direct-to-video CG animated feature from Marvel Animation Studios – Iron Man And Hulk: Heroes United

In this action-packed adventure, the invincible Iron Man and the incredible Hulk come together to save the Earth from its greatest threat yet! When two HYDRA scientists try to supercharge a Stark Arc Reactor with Hulk’s Gamma Energy, they unleash a being of pure electricity called the Zzzax – and he’s hungry for destruction. Together, Iron Man and Hulk are the only force that stands in the way of the Zzzax’s planetary blackout. But first the Super Hero duo will have to get through snarling Wendigos, deadly robots and the scaly powerhouse, Abomination. Can two of Marvel’s mightiest Heroes find a way to work together without smashing each other before time runs out?

I had a chance to preview the first 15 minutes of the film last month, and although I am not typically a fan of comic book cartoons (although I love the live-action movies!), it left me wanting to know what happens next. It’s a comic book story so I am sure the good guys win, but I want to see more of the dynamics between Iron Man and Hulk and how they will work together to save the day. 

Iron Man Hulk Heroes United

Unlike the 2D style of cartoons from when we were kids, Iron Man And Hulk: Heroes United utilizes a whole new technology of CG animation to tell the story, and when we met with Executive Producer and Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb he was really excited about the new format and the continued use of CG animation going forward. “It’s exciting when we get to use a new kind of format and see where we can go. What we’ve learned from this first experience is going to really show up with some neat stuff in the future as well.”

Check out this clip to see what the new animation looks like (and how Iron Man and Hulk ‘work’ together):


Why Iron Man and Hulk?

If Iron Man and Hulk seem like an interesting pair to match up, you should know that the idea was inspired by fans — by kids. Jeph told us that when they asked kids who they would like to see together they were not as surprised by the idea of pairing Iron Man and Hulk as the reason kids wanted to see them paired up. It wasn’t just that these were two cool heroes, it was the idea that they had such different ways of saving the day. Iron Man with gadgets and technology and Hulk with brute strength. 

We asked about possible future super hero pairings and Jeph was very vague. But it is safe to say that if this new release does as well as anticipated fans can expect more from CG animated treats from Marvel in the future. 

Iron Man And Hulk: Heroes United will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital copy start December 3, 2013.

Iron Man Hulk Heroes United Marvel

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