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My mom has always been the queen of preserving memories (I learned from the best). Always behind the lens of her camera, there wasn’t an event or holiday that wasn’t photographed. While she remained behind her Nikon taking still images, she instructed my father to record every minute on video. The camera was her domain, the big, bulky video camera was dad’s.

We have books and books of carefully bound photographs detailing every bit of our childhood that I love to pour through, but while I distinctly remember those bright flood lights my dad hung to take video on Christmas morning — I’ve never seen a single video from my childhood. 

Don’t get me wrong, Dad did his job and Mom has carefully saved boxes and boxes of video recordings, the problem is who owns an 8mm player? Or a beta player? Or even a VHS player? Ok, some people might still have VHS, but my tech husband convinced me to sell mine years ago. 

For years mom has talked about converting our old movies to DVD. But time gets away from us all, and the conversation has never happened. 

So this Christmas, I am giving my mom (and my dad and my sister) a gift they had forgotten they wanted. I am giving my family the gift of old home movies. Unfortunately, it won’t be much of a surprise for Mom since I had to ask her for the movies, but c’est la vie.

8 mm tapes

Thanks to YesVideo, it is once again possible to see those old movies come to life. 

 YesVideo specializes in converting your old movies — 8 mm, Beta, VHS into digital copies. It is the largest and most trusted home movies transfer service worldwide, with ordering available online and at kiosk locations in Costco, CVS, Walmart and more. YesVideo has helped families protect and share  memories for 15 years

I am so excited to be a YesVideo Ambassador; to finally see some of our old home movies and to share with you my experience with the company. So far, everything has been as easy as – Thanksgiving pie. 

A couple of weeks ago, I boxed up a few 8 mm tapes selected by mom and shipped them off to YesVideo in the Easy Ship Kit that includes everything you need to send off your memories (including packing tape).

YesVideo EasyShip Kit

Now I just have to wait for the exciting email to tell me my movies are done. Then I will be able to view them and even share them online. I also ordered DVD copies so we can watch them together — perhaps on Christmas Day. 

I can’t wait to see our home movies – long live the ’80s!

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I am willing to bet you have some old home movies that are in need of transferring too. Wouldn’t that make a great gift for your family this holiday season?

What special memories do you have locked away on video formats you can’t view?

9 thoughts on “Preserve Old Memories With YesVideo”

  1. Funny, Jen, I bagged up all my videos and took them to Costco on Tuesday, but the line was so long I wimped out. Here’s my biggest fear: you gotta ship the box? What if something happens to the box? So am wondering, do they have anything to say about that, is there insurance, etc? I’m not really a pessimist but putting all my family videos in one box is a big jump of faith for me! Would love to hear your input.

    • Susan – that is EXACTLY why mom has never actually done anything with her tapes. 🙂 Personally my biggest fear is the shipping service. Because of that, I like the idea of shipping the videos myself vs going through a retail location first. Still dealing with UPS, but it takes Costco employees out of the equation. Clearly, that is just an opinion. I am sure there are safe guards there too. But yes, one of the things that impressed me (and pushed me over the edge to join the campaign) is the safety steps YesVideo take with videos. (Even still, I am still such a worry wart, I send mine in batches — again UPS…) My videos should be ready soon, so I will be sharing clips along with my experience. I also have plans to visit headquarters to find out more in early 2014. Let me know what you decide to do 🙂

  2. Ok I did go read their website about their guarantees. Still a bit nervous but good to know how much weight they put on the safety of the videos!!


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