Happy Pinkalicious Halloween

Happy Halloween from Pinkalicious!

This is costume number one for Halloween. K’s school has book character day, where all the kids dress up like book characters. Since we learned about this fun day after we picked our (and I made) her Halloween costume for this year, she gets two costumes today! 

Luckily, this one was as simple as raiding my pink-loving daughter’s wardrobe. 

Pinkalicious Halloween Costume

And adding some pink to her hair, of course!

Pinkalicious Halloween

For those who are not familiar with the book series, this is Pinkalicious. I think we nailed it, don’t ya think?


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  1. Awesome! Sometimes the costumes you throw together from stuff you already have turn out best! It’s fun when your kids get to do more than one costume for Halloween too. We had an early Halloween party this year, so we had one of those years.


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