Discover Brookside Dark Chocolate – My Little Indulgence

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You like chocolate, right? Have you seen Brookside Chocolates in the store? Better question, have you tasted them yet?!?

I discovered Brookside by accident when I happened upon an in-store sampling, and I have been hooked ever since. When I say hooked, I mean it. I keep a regular stash of a large bag of Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate in my fridge.

Tip – if you think Brookside chocolates are good right out of the bag at room temp, oh my goodness they are ah-mazing cold.

Brookside Chocolate

Another tip, I have seen small bags at some stores — skip those. Go for the big bag because you are gonna want to eat these things by the handful.

Brookside chocolates are still candy, so you can’t eat the whole bag. But you can eat a couple of handfuls (23) of them for less than 180 calories. Plus they are a natural source of anti-oxidants, which makes me feel better than eating a candy bar.

Brookside chocolatiers have artfully blended exotic fruit juices and flavors from around the world to create the ultimate chocolate experience. The soft sweetened centers dipped in luscious dark chocolate provide an intriguing texture and exotic taste experience.

Brookside chocolates come in three flavors pomegranate, acai with blueberry and goji berry. I have tried them all, and they are all delicious, but I always come back to my first favorite the pomegranate.

Brookside Dark Chocolate

If you like chocolate, what are you waiting for? It is time to discover Brookside. You can either take my word for it and run out to Sam’s Club to get yourself a giant bag line mine. Or you can wait until Saturday, October 5 for an in-store sampling opportunity at Sam’s Club.

Word of warning, once you sample them you might just find yourself as hooked as I am!

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20 thoughts on “Discover Brookside Dark Chocolate – My Little Indulgence”

  1. I have bought the Acai blueberry ones before and they are great. I never thought to put them in the fridge. I will have to try it. I think I will pick up a bag of the Pomegranate ones. My son loves pomegranates and dark chocolate, so I am sure he will love those.

  2. Never really heard of this product before. Really not a fan of dark chocolate but would really try this one since, it contains pomegranates and i love them!!!

  3. ooh,I have got to try these! I love dark chocolate and blueberry so I really want to try the acai blueberry flavor.Would be much better for me than the snickers or milky way I usually go for.

  4. I have not seen these yet, but I will be on the look out. Dark chocolate is good for you, though like everything, in moderation. Mix it with a berry and you have the best of both worlds.

  5. I have seen this and have been a little leary on trying them. I do LOVE chocolate just not sure about the fruit part of it. Sounds like I need to give them a try though.

  6. I’ve been eyeing these for awhile and just haven’t gotten around to trying them. I think I’ll try the pomegranate first but I have always wondered what the Goji tasted like. Thank you for sharing your opinion, helps push me towards actually grabbing the bag next time and actually trying them.


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