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Kids love their tech, and moms love when that tech teaches. (sponsored post) That’s why you will find my house filled with LeapFrog products including the new LeapFrog LeapReader. The newest version of the former “Tag” system, the LeapReader has all the features of the old Tag plus new ones including the most impressive one — the ability to teach writing.

When I was sent a pair of new LeapReaders and accessories I decided to have my daughter’s friends over to check out the new gadgets. My daughter and her friends started Kindergarten this year, so they are the perfect age (4-8) for the LeapReader. (And who doesn’t love an excuse for a fun playdate?)

LeapReader is the complete learn-to-read-and-write solution. LeapReader engages kids in imaginative stories with lively character voices while building vocabulary skills and growing reading comprehension skills. Interactive handwriting guidance helps children learn to write on special mess-free paper. Plus, LeapReader helps develop listening comprehension skills with audio books.

The LeapReader three experiences:

  • Learn to Read: Sounds out words, reads sentences, and lets kids play games and puzzles.
  • Learn to Write: LeapReader gives children interactive guidance as they practice writing letters and numbers on special mess-free writing paper.
  • Learn through Listening: Audio books, learning songs and trivia challenges build comprehension skills and vocabulary.

All of the girls were former users of the Tag Junior system (and a few of the big sisters had Tags), so at first they were unimpressed when I showed them the LeapReader. “Oh, it is like a Tag,” one of the girls noticed. Then I showed them how to write with the LeapReader on the mess-free paper — then they were impressed and all wanted to try.

Learning with LeapFrog

Soon they were happily taking turns testing out all of the new functions and “reading” to each other. Hands down the favorite was the writing.

The girls all liked the writing because it was cool. And I agree, it’s cool. The LeapReader tip feels like just another piece of plastic when you touch it, but when you write with it on special paper your writing appears. Perfect for car use since there’s no mess.

As cool as the visible writing is, the best part is that the sensor in the tip alerts the user if they go off course writing. My daughter has been able to write the alphabet for nearly two years, but what we are working on now is handwriting. With the LeapReader she is promoted to write neatly and carefully to follow through with her letters in nice, straight lines.

LeapFrog LeapReader Tag Books

In addition to the LeapReader, the girls had the following books and workbooks to check out:

  • Get Ready for Kindergarten book: The multi-subject interactive book contains a broad range of math, science, reading and social studies curriculum combined with engaging art and fun audio effects.
  • Disney-Pixar Monsters University 3D book: Join the fun on campus as Mike and Sulley learn to appreciate their differences, develop a lifelong friendship and train to compete in the famous Scare Games! LeapReaderTM brings the story of Monsters University to life with exciting 3D effects and helps build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills!
  • Talking Words Factory Flash Cards: Mix and match letters to build more than 100 words featuring short vowel sounds. Based on the award-winning Talking Words Factory DVD!
  • Talking Words Factory Writing Workbook: Head to the Talking Words Factory to rehearse for the show, and help build words with Leap, Lily and Tad. Use the Word Whammer and the Sticky-Ick-o-Rama to learn how letters blend to create new words, trace missing vowels and write words in your workbook.
  • Learn to Write Letters with Mr. Pencil Writing Workbook: Join Dot, Dash and Mr. Pencil on a musical learning adventure featuring interactive stroke guidance, exciting sound effects and engaging activities. Practice writing the alphabet with the LeapReader, and learn about upper- and lowercase letters and letter sounds.

The girls had a great afternoon playing and exploring the new line from LeapFrog.

I am a big fan of the LeapReader. While we have a Tag Jr in the house, we didn’t have a Tag so my daughter is thrilled to have something more advanced. Now the girls can “read” their own books side by side in the car. (Super cute.)

Oh and if you do have books from the Tag system, many of them work with the LeapReader, and even some of the LeapReader books work with a Tag.

Learning with LeapReader

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  1. I already have the LeapReader in my daughter’s Christmas present stash! She can read, but I hope this will help her build confidence and fluency. My little one has Tag Jr. and she loves it!

  2. LeapFrog has such great products…. I love that the leapreader helps kids read and write, putting this on my list of ideas for my nephew!

  3. I want to get my youngest granddaughter started with this. She’s too young right now, but I am planning ahead. We are a family of readers so it will be perfect when she is ready for it.

  4. Leapfrog readers are great in that they teach children how to read and are a great product to get for a Christmas gift. I know my nephew would love to get one of these. They really make learning fun!

  5. I really like Leap Frog. Both my grandson and great grand daughter have one and they both love theirs. It helps them so much with there learning before kindergarten and with it. They are learning and they are having fun all at the same time. thanks for the new information on the readers.


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