10 Sofia The First Toys Your Princess Will Love (And Beg For)

Since her debut last fall, Sofia The First has stolen the hearts of little girls — and their mothers. Disney Junior’s first princess is smart and kind and during each episode she learns an important lesson about friendship, honesty, kindness, etc. There is a lot to love about this little princess. But until recently merchandise for the princess has been scarce. The few items introduced with the start of her show sold out quickly, and little princesses have anxiously been awaiting a world of Sofia to play in.

The wait is over.

Top 10 Sofia The First Toys

Sofia The First toys have arrived, and there are tons to choose from. I predict many princesses will delight in opening purple Sofia accessories this Christmas. Here are the top 10 Sofia The First toys your princess will adore. Some we received to review, and some are on my daughter’s wish list for Santa. They are all magical.

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10 Sofia The First Toys For Your Princess

Sofia The First’s Talking Magical AmuletIf you buy only one Sofia toy for your princess, let it be the Amulet of Avalar – it is well worth the $15 price tag. The source of Sofia’s ability to talk to animals, and call upon guest princesses like Cinderella, the amulet is needed for dress-up, pretend play and as a fashionable accessory. The amulet “talks” when one of 12 lesson cards (included) are inserted into the amulet. (When the cards are not handy, it also talks in demo mode.) Here is the brilliance of this toy, additional lesson cards are included with Sofia’s Transforming Dress, Sofia’s Royal Shoes and Sofia’s Royal Purse Set and Sofia’s Crown. So smart! Of course princesses will want it all! (I might have to buy a second amulet so both of my girls can have one as it is currently the source of many squabbles.)

Sofia The First Royal Curtsy Doll – Of course all princesses must prefect the royal curtsy, and as such my daughter has been practicing hers for months. This 5 inch Sofia doll does a simple curtsy at the touch of a button (that is easy enough for my toddler to do). But what makes this doll one of my favorites is that she comes with two additional princess skirts so you can change her look. And there is another collectible included – Sofia The First playsets, including the Curtsy Doll, include collectible charms each representing a royal lesson. The Cursty Doll includes #19 Have Good Manners. Must. Have. Them. All.

Sofia’s Transforming Dress – For every day play, I love the 2-in-1 Transforming Dress. With two ways to play, with a short tutu skirt or a long ball gown, little girls can feel like a princess every time they play. Plus since I have two daughters, I hope to convince them that they can each wear half of the costume. Of course, shoes and a crown are a must as well. And, of course, I love those lesson cards for our amulet.

Sofia The First Soundtrack – We’ve had this soundtrack for several months now, having won it from a fellow blogger, and my girls simply adore it. It is still the #1 requested CD in my car, and I have to admit that we all jam out to our favorite song “Blue Ribbon Bunny.” (I am sure we are quite a sight to passing cars.) If you have a Sofia fan, get this soundtrack it includes 13 memorable songs from the show. 

Sofia The First Books – There are so many titles to choose from, and we have loved every one we have gotten our hands on. Since the Royal Slumber Party episode is one of my daughter’s favorites, that corresponding book is also a big hit. (I wonder how long until my 5 year old starts asking for a sleepover party…) Of course the hardback Sofia The First story book (which my girls got for Christmas last year) is beautiful. And I think I might pick up a copy of Welcome To Royal Prep as a first day of school gift for my daughter. And I am a sucker for Halloween, so I think we will have to have The Halloween Ball this fall. Yeah, we love books in this house. I full plan to pick up several over the next few months for my fans (like Sofia Makes A Friend).

Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet

Sofia The First Plush Doll – If your princess loves stuffed friends as much as mine do, a plush Sofia is a must. Of course, her cuddly animal friends are also available cute plush too. And to really make that Amulet feel magical, how about a talking stuffed Clover?! 

Sofia The First And Royal Family – These three-inch dolls are just begging for hours of pretend play. And Sofia wouldn’t be a princess without her family, so while you can buy Sofia separately, this family set is the way to go. Of course, it might also be necessary to pick up her BFF Ruby From Enchancia. Bonus doll figures also include the collectible charms.

Sofia The First Playsets – Once you have the family, you’ll have to have playsets. (Or so my daughter would tell you.) Princess Sofia playsets include a Royal Tea Party which comes with BFF Jade, the Royal CoachRoyal Art Class which comes with a fairy, Royal Classroom which comes with a different fairy and a Royal Bed which comes with a Sofia in PJs and Clover. Of course all 3 inch dolls and playsets unlock magical phrases with Sofia’s Magical Talking Castle. And you guessed it, all sets come with charms.

Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends – If what makes Sofia special is her magical ability to talk to animals, then a talking Sofia doll who recognizes her animal friends and responds to each is a must. This pretty doll is on the top of my girls’ wish list for Santa. And she also comes with a collectible charm.

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Some promotional items were received to review, others we purchased and others are on my daughter’s wish list. All opinions are my own. 

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