Breyers Mint Chocolate Chimp Ice Cream Treat Recipe

Working from home provides me the luxury of being home with my daughters, but it isn’t all playdates and tea parties (although my girls wish it were). Like most parents, I struggle with the challenge of balancing fun time with work time. I feel this sense of urgency, especially during the summer, to do exciting things. I strive to be that mom who is always ready with a craft, a fun outing or idea for adventure. Often by the time I am done working, all I want to do is sit on the floor and play dolls with my girls. Which is ok too, but I still strive to do more.

Because I need all of the help I can get in my constant quest to make memories with my family, I was thrilled when I was invited to attend the Breyers “YummyFun” Ice Cream Workshop Event at the Central Florida Zoo and provided with complimentary zoo tickets. The event, which was free to zoo guests, featured yummy ice cream recipes designed by Clare Crespo creator of the “Yummyfun Kooking Series” and author of popular cookbooks “Hey There, Cupcake!” and “The Secret Life of Food.”

Clare Crespo Breyers Orlando YummyFun Workshop841[1]

A day at the zoo with my family making (and eating ice cream treats), now that’s a fun memory!

So we piled into the car and headed to the zoo. It was sunny when we left, but this is Florida, and as we were walking through the parking lot the sky opened up. But we were determined not to let the rain foil our plans, so we donned our rain gear and ventured on. (Yet another fun memory!)

Arriving at the waterlogged Breyers booth we met Clare Crespo, and she showed K how to created a Mint Chocolate Chimp. (Which is as delicious as it sounds!)

Mint Chocolate Chimp

After she finished her creation, K looked up at me with big eyes and asked, “Can I eat it now? We haven’t had lunch?”

Ice cream before lunch – she was thrilled!!!

Mint Chocolate Chimp Recipe


The Suburban Mom Ice Cream

After our ice cream workshop, we started to dry out a little bit and we headed off to enjoy the animals. But that wasn’t the end of our ice cream adventure.

Later that afternoon, we met up again with the people from Breyers, zoo staff and all of the zoo guests to celebrate PJ the rhino’s 2nd birthday. And since it wouldn’t be much of a birthday celebration with out cake and ice cream, guests were treated to both!

PJ even got his own version of a birthday cake — a hay bale decorated with carrots to look like a cake. Super cute.

Rhinoceros Birthday Cake Central Florida Zoo

Finally it was time to head home. Every day may not be a winner in the memories book, but a day at the zoo with the family, running to escape the rain, making ice cream treats and eating them before lunch, celebrating a rhino’s birthday and having another helping of ice cream (with cake) — yeah today will go down as a good day filled with fun memories.

Thanks for the memories Breyers!

Want to make your own Breyers treats all year long? From now through September 23, enter for your chance to win a Year’s Supply of Breyer’s Ice Cream and a tablet on Facebook. (Oh boy!!!) And even more fun recipe ideas from Breyers online.

Win Year's Supply Breyers

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Breyers. I attended a Breyers Yummy Fun Ice Cream Workshop and received a travel stipend, free zoo admission and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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