Wordless Wednesday ~ Recital

We celebrated another year of dance last week at K’s second dance recital. This year she was in three numbers, that means three costume changes, oiy! But she loved every minute of it. I love to watch her dance because while she said she was nervous before the show, when it came down to show time she was all smiles. She has so much fun up there it is infectious.

So you want to sign up for dance again next year? No problem kiddo!

Hip Hop



Last year’s dance recital

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Recital”

  1. Wow! Three numbers for the little ones? I imagine that was pretty hectic. She is absolutely adorable, and I LOVE that first costume!

    Great minds think alike because I wrote up Rylie’s recital post last night to go live Thursday morning. 🙂


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