Free Iams Shakeables With Iams Dog Food Purchase

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Doesn’t you pup deserve a treat for being so cute and loveable? I know my pups think they deserve treats all of the time. Like most dogs, they know the sound of their treat jar opening and come running. The only problem is that the container that holds snacks for my daughters sounds the same, so sometimes they come running just to see the kids eating. Poor dogs.

Although they are often mistaken for puppies, our dogs are eight and nine years old. They are our first babies, and once upon a time (before kids) they were our babies. I carried them in a dog purse, purchased Coach key chains to decorate their collars and totally spoiled them.

While the kids get most of the attention these days (sorry dogs), we still like to spoil them with treats. In fact, sometimes it is the kids who beg to give the dogs treats! (Bear and Bella have our girls trained right!)


We’ve long passed the point where we are trying to train our dogs new tricks, but because of their size (Bear and Bella are six and seven pounds each) training treats make the perfect snack.

Right now you can get FREE Iams Shakeables treats with the purchase of Iams So Good! Dog Food at Walmart.

Iams Shakeables treats come in three doggie flavors: Gobble ‘em up™ with turkey, Un-baa-lievable™ with lamb and Clucky me™ with chicken. And Iams Shakeables treats are made with real ingredients – no added sugar, dyes or artificial preservatives.

So go ahead, spoil your pooch with a free sample of Iams Shakeables treats. That happy tail wag is all the thanks you will need.

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