Protect Your Family: Banish Bugs With Cutter

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When spring arrives in Florida, so do the bugs. One day it’s a lovely evening with no bugs, the next night by the time you get inside you are covered in little red, itchy spots. Once the bugs arrive, they are here to stay for the summer and into late fall. Following mild winters like we have had for the past two years here in Florida, the problem is even worse.

No one likes bugs, and seeing my babies covered in itchy red spots is even worse.

Leading up to our end of the school year party, the bugs were bad. Mosquitos, no-see-ums and ticks — we had seen them all. With the party starting at 4 pm, it was prime-time bug time. But I was determined not to let creepy-crawlies ruin our plans.

Armed with an arsenal of bug sprays I set to work.

Cutter Backyard Control

I may be a Floridian, but I am also a girly-girl, and I have always left yard sprays to the men folk. But with hubby working, it was up to me to make our yard buggy free for the party. I am happy to say that it was neither as hard as I thought it would be or as stinky. But I did get wet.

I planned to spray my whole yard with Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate Ready-to-Spray. Then it dawned on me that our hose doesn’t reach the whole yard. It doesn’t even reach half of our yard. So I elected to start with Cutter Backyard Bug Control Outdoor Fogger. I sprayed the entire swing set area — very well. I have a huge backyard, so I was a little disappointed the fogger didn’t go very far. The can was empty after the swing set area.

Next came the spray. I like the application of the spray better, plus since it is concentrated it covered a lot more ground than the fogger. It was easy to use, but I did manage to soak myself trying to detach the hose.

But the yard was party ready.


For another added level protection, I set out Cutter citronella candles. Honestly, these are my favorite form of protection. Is it weird that I LOVE the scent of citronella? And strategically placed bottles of Cutter Natural Insect Repellent, Cutter Skinsations Insect Repellent and Cutter Dry for guests to help themselves to.

Cutter Bug Spray Repellent

Bugs be gone.

And guess what?

The bugs were gone.

No bites, no bumps and no itchy red spots. No bugs.

At some point in during the party, I put on a little bug spray (Cutter Natural is my spray of choice). And I think I saw a couple of other people reach for the spray. But I didn’t put any on my kids (I got busy) and no bites. Honestly, I was impressed with the yard sprays. Even for a couple of weeks after the party I noticed fewer bugs (although they are returning now, so I guess it is time to spray again).

Our party lasted long after sunset, it was a great summer kick-off celebration, but even at peak buggy time — no bug bites! Just happy kids.


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7 thoughts on “Protect Your Family: Banish Bugs With Cutter”

  1. I’ve never tried the cutter brand but the mosquitos here in Michigan this year are AWFUL. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this in store. I like the idea of non greasy/oily spray in particular!

  2. I know this sounds odd, but I can’t wait to have a yard to spray! I grew up on 5 acres and now rent a condo until my hubby comes back from serving overseas. Our next place he promised would have a yard and not be up a flight of steps lol I’ll have to try this when we have get togethers.


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