Bath-Time Fun With Ariel’s Floating Fountain

For adults, bath time is about getting clean. For kids, it’s all about the toys. A fact is clearly evident in my girls’ tub. At bath time there is barely room for two girls among all of the colorful, plastic toys – and that is with half of them put away.

Even though our bath is already overflowing with toys, I am a sucker for the laughter and bubbles (not to mention the yummy clean baby smell) that result from a bath. So when I was asked if I would like to review another bath toy, Ariel’s Floating Fountain, I couldn’t resist.

Ariel's Floating Fountain Disney Little Mermaid Bath Toy

K recently spotted Ariel’s Floating Fountain at Target. She was very excited to tell me that her friend Sophie had the bath toy and how much fun it was. Little did she know, it was already on its way to our house. So when I presented her with the new toy, she squealed with delight.

Ariel’s Floating Fountain made its bath time debut last week, and in the eyes of my kids, it is a hit. It’s a Disney Princess they can play with in the bath plus it squirts water — what more could they want?

Pulling it out of the box, the fountain easily snapped together and it was ready for play in no time. The toy set comes with Ariel, and other figures are sold separately. While watching my girls play, I was pleased to discovered you do not have to buy additional figures for the set to be fun. Sure the girls would love additional mermaid friends, but it is fun with Ariel alone. My girls also quickly discovered their Color Splash Buddies Woody and Jessie from their Toy Story Color Changing Party Boat made a fun addition to fountain play. So any toys can play along.

Ariel's Floating Fountain Bath Toy Disney

Of course, what makes this bath toy a delight for kids is the fountain. Both girls had a blast taking turns squirting each other. WARNING – playing with this toy results in water everywhere. Water shoots from both yellow fish on the base and the top of the fountain. Within minutes I was wet, the floor was wet, the wall was wet and there were tons of giggles. Honestly, I am considering moving this toy to a pool toy.

While the kids (ages 5 and 18 months) have had a blast playing with Ariel’s Floating Fountain, I am not overly impressed. Fun factor, high. Functionally factor, eh.

The main problem with Ariel’s Floating Fountain is that it sinks. It starts off floating great, but the moment kids start playing with it water flows up the slides flooding the base and the fountain sinks – every time. It seems to be a design flaw. The hollow base has holes for draining, which is great for drying it off, but it also allow water in. Not at all like the Party Boat that pops up like a buoy even when we try to sink it. So the girls spend a lot of time dumping the water out. Again it doesn’t seem to bother them, but it seems silly to me.

Ariel Floating Fountain Bath Toy

Parents with young ones should also be aware that there is a small purple shell that easily pops off. Of course my toddler wants to do everything big sister does so they both play with the toy, but once she discovered the shell I had to get rid of that part. Defiantly a choking hazard, hence the 3-12 age recommendation.

My final thoughts – The girls love this toy, and isn’t that what it is really all about? Even with a half dozen or more baths with the toy, the girls don’t seem to notice the sinking fountain. The just pick it up and dump the water on each other and go back to swinging and squirting. I’ve even taught my oldest how to aim the fountain inside the tub, ie at her sister.

Ariel’s Floating Fountain is available from Amazon for $19.99. Additional floating dolls are also available – Cinderella is $5.74 and Tiana is $6.29.

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I am a Mattel Disney Insider and was provided toys to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. This would be something nice to store for later- my niece is only 2, but I could save it for when she’s old enough to play with this.

  2. My girls love TLM and love bath toys, so I’m always on the hunt for new ones. I’m not sure I want one that gets water everywhere though. I better keep looking. Thanks for the review!

  3. Ariel’s Floating fountain is a great present to give to my niece! She would love this for Christmas, and I like that it is so colorful!

  4. This is adorable, I love that it’s small so it doesn’t take up too much room in the tub. My daughter would love it as well as my niece!

  5. My niece or my great grand daughter both would love this. The younger one is always wanting to play in water so the way this is done she would have a ball with it. As anytime water is involved the water will be everywhere as usual. Just how it always goes.


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