I Heart Energizer Flameless Wax Candles ~ Giveaway

I love candlelight. Long before I had kids, I was known to light a room full of candles every night. I burn a lot of candles – it makes me happy.

But an open flame and small children don’t mix. Meet my new love – battery operated candles.

Energizer Flameless Wax Candles

Sure you can’t play with the melting wax (guilty), but you also don’t have to worry about burning down the house — it is a plus. And, here’s my favorite part — they have a built-timer. Turn them on and set the timer for four, six or eight hours and poof they come on each night at the same time for the set number of hours. It is like magic in my house when candles start popping on every evening at 6 pm. Just set the timer, and forget it. Pretty candlelight every night, no open flame. Happy mom.

I am no stranger to battery-operated candles. In fact, I have 14 of them in my house – I told you I love candles. But not all candles are created equal. I have several brands of candles, and by far my favorites are the ones I was recently sent by Energizer.

Energizer Flameless Wax Candles Features

  • Made of wax – Call me crazy, but even electric candles are better when they are made from wax instead of plastic.
  • Realistic faux drippy edge – The uneven edge makes the Energizer Flameless Wax Candles look even more like the real thing.
  • Adjustable timer – My Energizer candles are the only ones with an adjustable timer, the others are all five hours on 19 off. Energizer offers four, six or eight hours on. My preferred time – six hours.
  • Scented – Another thing I love able candles, the smell. Energizer candles come in a variety of scents including vanilla and pumpkin spice.
  • Flickering – Candlelight should flicker, it shouldn’t be steady. I have some that do both, the flicker is much more realistic.

While I still love the real thing, flameless candles have taken over as my go-to candlelight. I love that I can place them on a shelf without worry and have an instant glow every night.

Energizer Flameless Wax Candles are available on Amazon in three pillar sizes 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 and a variety of colors. Candles can be purchased individually or in a three-pack, one of each size. If you like to decorate with candles, you need these.

Energizer Flameless Candle


One lucky winner will receive one 3×4 taupe Energizer Flameless Wax Candle pillar in honey vanilla scent and Energizer batteries to power it.

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Contest ends May 1, 2013.

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75 thoughts on “I Heart Energizer Flameless Wax Candles ~ Giveaway”

  1. I would put the flameless candles everywhere! The main place I like to light candles but are afraid because of my 3 year old is the bathroom. Now I would have no worries!

  2. Hmmm, I usually enjoy candles in our TV room but I think in the bedroom would be nice:)

  3. I agree, these Flameless Wax Candles are great. They’re safer than real candles but look just as real. Thank you for this review.

  4. These are really nice Flameless Candles to own and have around for the Christmas season. I would not have to worry about my candles burning and causing a fire. I need to get some of these candles!

  5. I totally want these! I love candles but don’t feel good about lighting them with little ones running around. I agree that making them from wax improves the overall effect!

  6. Very interesting concept for these candles. I always worry about having candles lite when the grand kids are here running around. I sure am going to look into buying some of these. thanks so much for the information on them.


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