A Quick Snack For Moms: DOLE Fruit Crisps

Fruit cups have long been a lunchbox staple for kids, but not something you would catch moms snacking on. They are a kid food, right?

Fruit cups have grown up.

DOLE Fruit Crisps are the mom version of the fruit cup. Yummy fruit in three delicious flavors — Apple Cinnamon, Apple Pear and Peach with a crunchy oat topping. The fruit cup for adults.

Dole Fruit Crisps

This mom liked them, but what would my friends think?

In celebration of my daughter’s special day, I had a big birthday bash planned. All of my mom friends in one place sounded like the perfect time to offer DOLE Fruit Crisps samples. Because you know the only time moms have to get together is when we get our kids together.

Dole Fruit Crisps Samples

I was surprised that most of my friends had not previously seen Dole Fruit Crisps, I know they have been available for a while now. We’ve even had them before, but I was excited to introduce them to something new.

Everyone was impressed by the flavor options and the addition of the crunchy topping. Each had their own favorite flavor. (Mine is a toss up between the Apple Cinnamon and Apple Pear varieties.)

The big debate: Snack or desert?

Although sweet like a desert, and tasty like an indulgence, we all decided they are a snack. After all, they are found in the grocery store with other canned fruits and snacks — not the desert aisle. Plus with only 160 calories, they are snack sized. And because they are easy and quick, they are a simple way to squeeze some fruit into mid-day snacking. (Which I am totally guilty of!)

During the party, the Dole Fruit Crisps were served at room temperature (well, outside temp). But they can also be served warmed (about a minute in the microwave – just remember to remove the foil cover first) or chilled. And like its kids-snack predecessor Dole Fruit Crisps can be eaten directly out of the cup.

The moms were impressed  Since they come in two-packs, there were plenty of samples to go around (the kids had their own treats), and everyone was happy to take home extras.

Dole Fruit Crisps Sample

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dole. I received product samples to facilitate my party and review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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