DIY Easter Peeps & Jelly Beans Flower Pot Centerpiece Craft

I wish I could take credit for this adorable creation, but all of the credit goes to my neighbor who hosted an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. In addition to stuffing 400 eggs for the hunt (wow!), she made these adorable Easter Peeps Jelly Beans Flower Pot Centerpieces. Not only are they super cute, they are totally eatable. And yep, before I could get back to take more photos — they were eaten.

Easter Peeps Centerpiece Craft


Start by decorating your pot. My friend glued a pretty piece of ribbon around the rim of the pot. You could also let the kids decorate the pot with markers or foam stickers.

Cut a cube piece of floral foam to fit into your flower pot. Cover the foam in plastic wrap (to prevent foam bits from getting on your jelly beans). Stick the lollipop sticks into the foam, and slide your Peeps on to the sticks. Cover the foam block with jelly beans. Ta-da – cute and tasty.

So easy, the kids can help.

Happy Easter!

Easter Peeps Centerpiece

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