Create New Disney Memories With Limited Time Magic

Just when you thought Disney could not get any more magical, Walt Disney Parks comes up with a new way to keep things fresh and magical. With Limited Time Magic, guests will experience 52 weeks of all-new, fleeting magic at Disney Parks throughout 2013.

According to Meg Crofton, during a Disney Media Event last month, Limited Time Magic will “range from park-wide events to special culinary treats, to limited-edition merchandise, to special moments of surprise and delight.”

While magical themes will change weekly, Crofton shared that some events might only last one day like “a villains dance party that lasts until the 13th hour (1 am) on Friday, September 13.”

Limited Time Magic events will be announced at

It may be 80s outside in sunny Florida, but right now it is snowing at Epcot during this week’s Limited Time Magic Winter Wonderland. Over in California, Limited Time Magic is being celebrated Cajun style with a Mardi Gras Bayou bash that includes Princess Tiana.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Disney Parks Limited Time Magic

I was Disney’s guest at the media announcement as part of the #NewFantasyLand Grand Opening Event, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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