Holiday Ready Clean Floors With Stanley Steemer ~ Giveaway

Well color me impressed.

The grout in our kitchen is one my husband’s constant battles. We have very little carpet in the house, only in three bedrooms. The rest of the house is tile – light tile with light grout to be exact. Oh if I were to ever redo the floor in this house I would pick tile that goes with dark grey grout.

The grout in the kitchen has dark spots from spills, splatters and eight years of heavy traffic. It’s clean – just dingy looking. My husband has even tried scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush and homemade grout cleaner.  (Actually it worked pretty well considering, but it was a lot of work for a little spot – not feasible to do the whole kitchen.)

Enter an earlier Christmas present for my husband — Stanley Steemer. Until recently I didn’t know Stanley Steemer did anything other than carpet cleaning, but apparently the cleaning company also does tile, upholstery, air duct and car cleaning. With slight hesitation I decided to have Stanley Steemer tackle our tile. I didn’t doubt the tile would be cleaned, but I did doubt that I would see a visible difference. I mean how clean could they really get it?

Really clean, apparently. (Yes I realize these are not the best pictures because of lighting, but they are accurate and untouched.)

Stanley Steemer Tile Cleaning

When Stanley Steemer arrived, they quickly measured the areas I wanted clean and gave me a quote. At the last minute I decided to have them clean the master bath as well – my flooring pet peeve. (I have these textured white tiles that trap grime in the surface of the tiles – so annoying.) It was only $30 additional to do my bathroom, so I told them to go for it.

Since I had my baby girl home with me, we played in the other room while the cleaning team went to work. So I was oblivious to the whole process, but I was told that a lot of dirt came up in the process (which I assured was a good sign). I was also told that I would be able to feel a difference with my feet when walking bare foot, which I didn’t quite believe.

When I  had a chance to inspect my floors and compare my before and after shots I was beyond thrilled with the results. WOW! What a difference. I was so excited, I knew my husband would be impressed.

Then I walked into the bathroom, I was floored! (Pun intended.) That is where the visible difference was astounding. (Please don’t say ewww out loud when you look at the before pictures. I swear the floors were clean.)

Stanley Steemer bathroom tile cleaning

I can assure you that I won’t wait eight years to do this again. It was worth every penny. And guess what, you can totally feel a difference with your feet. It is really strange.

I couldn’t wrap this gift and put it under the Christmas tree, but I know he loves it.

Merry Christmas hubs!


Two lucky readers will win a $100 Stanley Steemer gift card to get your tile, carpet, etc cleaned.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

A gift card was provided to cover a portion of the cleaning, however, I happily paid for additional services. Gift cards for the winners are also provided by Stanley Steemer, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

103 thoughts on “Holiday Ready Clean Floors With Stanley Steemer ~ Giveaway”

  1. I would clean the downstairs tile for sure! Right after we mop, if something spills on the floor and we wipe it up the floor is still dirty! I hate that!

  2. I would have all of my downstairs carpeting cleaned.

    Entered the Rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  3. Where do I start I have a husky dog inside the house who loves to bring dirt in!! I would use it for that
    Also I have ugly grouted tile in the entry way from the garage this would make it beautiful
    And new!!! I have hardwood floors that have seen better times this would
    Bring them back to life!! I would also use this and help my dad at his house since my mom past away he doesn’t do any deep cleaning !!
    Thanks and merry Christmas!!!

  4. I would get every room in my house cleaned. It’s all carpeted except kitchen and baths. And, oh yeah, my husband’s recliner.

  5. Another error message: “Aw shucks, we didn’t receive your entry. Please try again.”
    After two attempts the website still says they haven’t received my entry, although both of my comments are right there for all to see.
    Please get these giveaway sites working correctly; otherwise I won’t keep coming back to try.
    Also, it frequently repeats letters as I type. Usually the beginning of a comment or the beginning of a line or sentence will start with a double letter. This is the only site where I have that problem, so I don’t think it’s just my typing.

  6. I would get my carpets cleaned. We came home last night to a Christmas Eve surprise. My dog had gotten a hold of a carton of chicken broth. It is all over my living room and dining room carpet. Needless to say, I need my rugs cleaned asap.

  7. My office area needs to be cleaned so bad! The carpet looks a bit rough, doesn’t matter what I do, it needs some professional cleaning done.

  8. I live with my elderly parents the corner of the L shaped kitchen is dads favorite place to mix coffee tea and make jelly toast more coffee and jelly end up on floof than on plates and cups no matter how hard I try I cant get the floor totally clean looking scrub and mop to no noticable differance
    I would LOVE to win this giveaway so when my sister comes to visit by the way rarely I dont have to hear “oh I dont mean to sound smart but you missed a spot”!

  9. It may be neurotic but I know that our ducts have never been cleaned and this home was built in the early 60’s. My son once started to vacuum a vent and almost ruined our vacuum because there was so much dust pulled up. So when I saw that Stanley does duct cleaning….that is where the gift card would go towards.


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